Ziggy Marley Drops Marijuana Anthem “A Fire Burns for Freedom”

Ziggy Marley the son of the late King of Reggae Bob Marley, has release a Marijuana anthem entitled “A Fire Burns for Freedom.”

Ziggy Marley is not the first and certainly won’t be the last to do a Ganja Anthem that sends a “Legalize It” message.

“A Fire Burns for Freedom” is available on Ziggy Marley personal website as a free download. The song is already receiving plenty airplay on radio stations and in clubs.

Weighing in on the song release, the Grammy winning reggae star said the plant should be freed in all respect of its uses.

“We need to enlighten people about the multiple uses the plant has beyond its recreational, spiritual and medicinal uses.  This plant in both its forms, hemp and marijuana, is a gift from nature to us.  It has medicinal value, environmental value, nutritional value, as well as energy value.  The seeds of the plant could cheaply provide nutrition for malnourished children all over the world.  We should free the plant in all aspects of its uses.”

Listen to “A Fire Burns for Freedom” below

[audio:|titles=Ziggy Marley _ FREE DL _ A Fire Burns For Freedom]


  1. 2 years the song is growing strong.

  2. 2 years the song is growing strong.

  3. The Trance Anthem Mix Pack is available now on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace for the Lil Kim drops more details about her comeback. Just two weeks before California’s historic vote goes before the people, Ziggy Marley releases his latest song, a pro-hemp/marijuana anthem entitled “A Fire Burns For Freedom.