Ever Wonder What Beenie Man Requests Are When Going On Tour… Check Inside

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Have you ever wonder what it’s like to be King of the dancehall and going on international tours.

Apparently promoters have to go all out to host dancehall heavy weight Beenie Man and his hefty list of special requests. The Doc was in Zimbabwe over the weekend for the annual Lion Lager Summer Beer Festival.

Sources told Urban Islandz the show was good. But we also learned of the artist list of request prior to arriving in Zimbabwe for the tour.

“He requested a backstage tent/changing room, which will be equipped with decent seating or sofas plus a mini fridge and hot catering should be provided. He also asked for 12 fresh hand-size towels, chewable vitamin C tablets and two cases non-carbonated spring water at room temperature for his 13-member piece band. To make up for his energy sapping dances, Beenie Man needs two Cranberry juices (1litre); gray Goose Vodka (1quart); Merlot Red Wine (one bottle); Hennessey (2 quarts), an American top-of the shelf liquor plus 24 Lion Lager (chilled bottles); and various fruit trays including nuts and assorted fruit juices. There should also be cheese and crackers with necessary servers in clean condition including Echinacea Nutritional Supplement (one bottle with not less than 30 x 350mg tablets). One special request is that all the bottles must be sealed by the manufacturer.” (allafrica)

Beenie is no light weight deejay, he is royalty.

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  1. That’s a pretty normal rider for any bankable touring star. He didn’t kick them around and floss in their face; although Zimbabwe is a struggling country. I’m pretty sure the promoters made money from what I heard of the enthusiasm surrounding the event. Zimbabwe has become a hotbed of Reggae activity with Reggae looking to play down the US travel ban on most of its leading artists. Most or all entertainers are looking to Africa, like Bob Marley first saw the spiritual potential of our long delayed homecoming.