Raz B Of B2K Calls Out Marques Houston And Eddie Long “Pedophiles”… Videos Inside

Raz B formely of B2K has been on a rampage releasing several videos accusing singer Marques Houston of molestation.

The singer released a video earlier this week accusing Bishop Eddie Long, Marques Houston and his cousin of being pedophiles.

Now he’s released another video yesterday, only this time of himself having a phone conversation with Houston confronting him about his brother Omarion ‘s claims that he’s bipolar and on prescription medication.

Raz B tells Houston, “Why is Omari going on radio in New York and overseas and saying that I have bipolar and I take pills. …Right now I’m upset and I’m affected and I’ve been affected since I was 13-years-old. Marques, you’re not listening to me! I called you this morning!!!”

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See the videos below.


  1. Oh my gosh! Raz! U need help sweety! Not tryna b rude cuz hey, at one time i had to take antidepressants, but ur all over the place, callin folks, alleging things and being plain off the wall! This video with u screaming at Marques shows u r very emotionally hurt! If in fact u were molested, get help! Not this way tho! No one is gna say it happened and ur makin urself look real crazy right about now! Talk to the these people on a private basis, goin all over utube and the internet aint gna help u land a gig! U look unstable sweety! If ur the christian u say u r then u should know to let go and let GOD! He always prevails and He will bring to light whatever happened in the dark! Jesus Justice baby! If it happened, let GOD deal with them; the consequences r ten times worse! Peace

  2. Raz B yo a– need to stop honey. Dat sh– dnt make no dam sense, you really do need counseling cause your’e bout to be at da end of a nervous break down. Wht I think isz, all b2k and M.H. and chris S. Prob. Mess around, but when they found out chris waz takin all they dam money raz b. Came out tryina say all kind of sh– cause he knew chris had cusody over him and he wasn’t gettin no dam money. Now he tryna bring everybody down since da world knows he’s been butt fu**ed.

  3. he mad because Omarion and Marques have dun sumthing with their careers..cla$$ic..micheal jackson, pleasure p, eddie murphy..all accused of being gay buy former “friends”

  4. A Godly man with a mouth like that…Geez, so what do unGodly people sound like? He needs attention and is crying out for help. May God bless him to be at peace in life because there are some very deep issues there.

  5. A pure fish inna da family omarion and marques houston. but Raz B look suicidal dem better get him quick a tek weh di camera and get him some counseling fast