Buju Banton Got Bail… Free To Walk Street… Maybe

Embattled reggae superstar Buju Banton was today granted bail.

Banton whose real name is Mark Myrie was granted bail at the Sam M Gibbons Federal Court in Tampa Florida in the sum of $250,000.

As part of Banton’s bail condition, he will have to wear a monitoring device and will be subject to house arrest and 24 hour security, to be paid for by the defence.

But Gargamel is not totally in the clear yet, as previous reported by Urban Islandz, the artist lawyer David Oscar Markus will now have to seek bond in the immigration court to prevent his deportation to Jamaica.

Banton last year had his visa revoked after his arrest by US DEA agents at his home in Florida.

Under the conditions of his bail Buju can only leave his house for meetings with his attorney and for doctors’ appointments and to purchase medication. He will also be subjected to drug testing.

Pretty stiff but better than being behind bars.

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  1. Long time dem fi free up Gargamel mek di man go a road go sell some music. Dem mek di innocent man a starve inna prison

  2. Thanks JUDGE,this is really hard for the singer…Please let him go as a free man…Whats sad is that i know him Personally.And he is a musician and singer about strictly business…..