Jah Cure to Release his sixth studio album ‘World Cry’ Early Next Year

One of Reggae brightest stars Jah Cure recently announced the release of his new album ‘World Cry’.

‘World Cry’ will be Jah Cure six studio album and should be release as early as January of next year.

In a recent press conference Cure said this album will by far be his best production and will see much more maturity in his music.

“I am elevating my career to the international professional level it deserves so that I can be another example to the world of a progressive Jamaican artiste who is ‘strictly professional’ but not offensive. It’s time to show respect for artiste’s record labels and the contracts they’ve signed and not allow producers to flood the market with too many tunes from the same artiste or with a million songs on a single ‘riddim. It’s time to respect Intellectual Property Rights and allow artistes, writers, musicians and producers to have a fair piece of the pie in an organized industry and not behave like crabs in a barrel. It’s time to understand that if an Artiste records a few songs for a few select producers, it’s no disrespect to his other producer friends, it’s just that artistes have a recording contract to honor and a record company that he cannot afford to disregard.”

“Let’s keep making great music while giving excellent recordings a chance to breathe and grow on the listening public. Let’s go for quality instead of quantity in the industry and set a standard with reggae music for the world to once again follow. Having said this….if you ask me to record for you and I respectfully decline…don’t hold it against me…we are simply keeping it professional and if all goes well, someday soon it will be … YOUR TIME.”

Jah Cure also address questions on the actual content of the album.

“On this new project we should find singles already released as 7” vinyl such as Before I Leave (on the Cardiac Bass Riddim) but also some new productions.”

Can’t wait for Cure ‘World Cry‘ to drop… your comments below


  1. i cant wait any more lets hope it comes before my birth day on 11th of january

  2. JahHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i the only who loves jah cure music in dominican republic..? damn i’ll have to flight to jamaica