Hot Topic: Busy Signal Under Fire For “I Love Girls Who Love Girls”

Dancehall artist Busy Signal recently released a new single called “I love Girls Who Love Girls.”

The single is a nice track to listen to, but Urban Islandz has learned that its causing a bit of a controversy in the dancehall community. Quite a number of fans told us that Busy is coming under some fire for the song that depicts that he love lesbians.

To find out whats the Brouhaha about regarding the song, we took to fans on twitter and facebook to hear their opinion. We ask if Busy Signal new song “I love Girls Who Love Girls” is controversial and why?

“Too much hypocrisy is in dancehall, how can you hate gays but like lesbians.” (twitter)

“Aint nothing wrong with a guy having sex with two girls, dunno see anything wrong with the song.” (twitter)

“Busy Signal confuse, mi miss when him use to put out good music, a pure fu*%ery him a do now.” (facebook)

“Nothing wrong with girls liking girls its all around us everyday, dem fi juss low Busy di song bad.” (twitter)

“Song go against dancehall culture, Busy look like him a move round too much uptown girls nowadays.” (facebook)

“Song sending the wrong message, di woman dem fi go look man juss like how we bun out di man dem wi bun out di woman dem.” (facebook)

“A clear case of twisted ego, wha happen to the Busy Signal Whe do Whi Not Going Down and One More Night.” (twitter)

These were some of the response from Urban Islandz fans on both social media. We want to hear more from you the readers about the song… comments below.

Listen to the track below.