Eminem To Be Featured On CBS 60 Minute Tomorrow

Rap star Eminem is schedule to make a high profile appearance on CBS’ mega show 60 Minutes this Sunday (Oct 10).

Eminem whose real name is Marshall Mathers will be featured in a segment that will discuss his battle with drug addiction.

Em was interviewed by Anderson Cooper in a variety of locations around Detroit this past July. During the half an hour clip, the Shady and Cooper visited Eminem’s recording studio, his teenage home, the Burger King that employed him and another former job spot named Gilbert’s Lodge.

A number of subjects are discussed, including Eminem’s rise to the top of the music industry, his battle with prescription pain killers, his downfall and triumphant return in 2009-2010 with his latest album “Recovery.”

The episode is schedule to air this Tomorrow at 7 PM on CBS.