Stray News… Round Head Sued Twins Of Twins For Imitating His Voice

Not sure if this makes much sense, but news reaching Urban Islandz is that comedians Twins of Twins is being sued by dancehall artist Round Head.

According to the Twins they were slapped with the suit by Round Head management team who claimed “invasion of privacy through misappropriation of name and imitation of voice, and violation of the right of publicity, i.e. the right of having to control and making money from the commercial use of copyright/trademark owner.”

A source close to the Twins told Urban Islandz that Round Head management is seeking compensation and claimed that the Twins damage their artist image.

But the Twins shot back saying that Round Head never have an image to begin with, they say its through their publicity why the artist is garnering some attention.

“His claims are that we are ridiculing him and that’s totally ridiculous. Our intention isn’t to bring down. Our thing is depicted from reality. We specialise in voice imitation. Is still our voice at the end of the day. Wi CD mek him more popular. Dem neva memba him. All him did haffi do is be intelligent and just work wid di flow.”

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