Buju Banton Face Judge Today… What To Expect

Gargamel will today face a Florida judge after more than 9 months behind bars following his arrest late last year.

Buju trial had already postponed some four times since his arrest for various reasons including giving the prosecutor more time to prepare their case. But these last days it seems the longer Buju waits is the worse the situation gets.

Over the last two weeks Urban Islandz told you that both Buju’s codefendants now turn snitch, has signed off to a plea deal with the prosecutor. In the deal both James Mack and Ian Thomas will give testimony against Buju in return for a lesser sentence.

Today what will happen?… The prosecutor and Defense will give their opening statements.

Urban Islandz also told you that if convicted Buju could be facing a sentence of anywhere from 25 years to life imprisonment.

Which means Gargamel would not see back street if found guilty.

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