Kinda Too Late… Nick Cannon Dissed Eminem In New Track

Actor/Rapper Nick Cannon has sent a shot out toward Eminem with the release of his new record, “I’m A Slick Rick.”

This is actually Slick like Rick! BUT, its also a lil’ late. Nevertheless, Nick Cannon makes Eminem out to be a coward saying that he tried to holla at him, but Em had too much security around him.

Listen to the track below


  1. Nick Cannon is pretty much Unknown in the rap/hip hop world. What does he do anyway? I’ve really NEVER heard of him until listening to Eminem’s “The Warning”. Is he just an unknown little wannabe?

    Eminem would rape Nick Cannon any day of the week.

  2. Nick cannon you are weak and your raps are weak go sit on a cactus