Dancehall Artist Compared To Shebada And LA Lewis… Left Manager Angry

Rumor have it that the manager of upcoming artist Tanto Blacks is fuming after the deejay did a recent interview on Television Jamaica morning time program “Smile Jamaica.”

Manager Cordel Burrell reported told Jamaica journalists, ” “I took offence. It was quite evident that Simon Crosskill was trying to belittle the artiste. Everybody deserves some level of respect but I didn’t see the artiste getting any from him. I did not get that level of respect or appreciation that you would show to another person. I was very disgusted.”

“He was comparing him to L.A. Lewis and Shebada. There is a certain level that you don’t cross. So I would like an apology on behalf of the artiste or for him (Crosskill) to acknowledge that he overstepped his boundaries in terms of how he conducted the interview.”

Do you think Tanto look like Shebada or Crosskill was harsh?… comment below