Gappy Ranks Album ‘Put The Stereo On’ In Stores Now

Greensleeves Recording artist, Gappy Ranks, released his album Put The Stereo On on Tuesday (Aug 24th). Put The Stereo On contains 12 original tracks with production provided by the renowned Peckings Crew.

“The album is exceptional and it has been getting much attention, especially in the UK, am just happy with it overall,” Ranks told us in a brief interview.

For PUT THE STERO ON Gappy Ranks set out to pay homage to the foundation that Reggae music built while bringing to the genre a direction he sees as the future of reggae music. The album opens with “Mountain Top,” Gappy’s first track to rise on the UK Reggae charts, followed by “Heaven In Her Eyes,” which remained #1 for 13 weeks on the UK Reggae Charts and introduced him to an international audience.