Deva Bratt Calls Out Radio Station “Mi Talent Nuh Disappear”

Former Portmore Empire artist Deva Batt, says that since leaving the group, his career has taken a turn for the worst. The artist complained bitterly in an interview with Jamaican journalists that radio stations are not giving him enough airplay.

“Mi talent nuh disappear, mi still have it, but the industry should not be biased, every artiste should be played based on their true talent and merit,” Deva Bratt said.

According to the disgruntled artist, if your not aligned to a particular group or crew you won’t get airplay. The artiste also said that there was a stigma attached to him due to the Gaza-Gully conflict, and this created barriers in terms of being able to record for a wide range of producers.

What do you think… does Bratt sound like a sore looser or you think he have a point?