LA Lewis Calls Out Ragashanti And Miss Kitty

Controversial dancehall and Graffiti artist LA Lewis earlier this week calls out popular radio talk show host Ragashanti and TV host Miss Kitty. The deejay say both celebrity media personalities are slandering his name over him and Beenie Man saga.

According to Lewis “Persons are taking sides in the thing when they weren’t invited. They didn’t call me to find out my side of the story.”

In an interview with Jamaican journalists this is what LA Lewis have to say:

“When I approached Raga to go on his show to make my side heard, he told me that he don’t want to hear anything from me, a just Beenie im a tek talk from.”

“Ms Kitty also hit out against me. At first mi neva pay no mind to her ‘petrolent’ behaviour, but she went on her TV programme an continue to diss mi. Mi call her to ask her bout it and she gave me the runaround and avoided my calls. She’s saying how LA has no money and that he’s poor. My word to Ms Kitty is that I’m not poor, I’m ‘sobolius’, and she fi memba where she’s coming from, she get a likkle buss in life, she’s not to overstep her boundaries,” says Lewis.

“I am asking the disc jockeys to stop taking sides. It’s not their job to pick sides. That’s corruption, if this is where the business is heading I don’t want to see the future of it.”

In response Miss Kitty said:

“LA Lewis is not on my level for me to disrespect him. Di only ting wi business bout is our friend that bury and gone, wi nuh business bout LA Lewis. If he sees my correcting him on my show as being disrespectful, he needs help. Mi nah focus pon nuh locus!”

We have more of the LA Lewis saga so check back regularly.