Sean Kingston: “I think performing with Justin Bieber’s better”

Reggae popstar Sean Kingston touring big with his pal Justin Bieber, and he doesn’t mind sticking around for an hour after his opening set so he can join the Canadian heart throb onstage.

The singer did a recent successful show in Canada where he was ask asked why he doesn’t split and explore the city or chill out. He replied “I think performing with Justin Bieber’s better.”

Kingston also told journalists that “The tour’s going amazing. We’ve been performing in different cities and selling out a lot of venues, because of Justin Bieber and his whole success,” says Kingston. “It’s so loud. I’ve been on other tours with Chris Brown and Gwen Stefani, but this is to another level. This is loud! It’s a lot of teenagers, maybe that’s why? I mean, you put even 12 teenagers in one room and you’re gonna get a lot of noise.”