The Bounty Beenie Feud… Do You Think It’s Now History

Long time dancehall rivals Bounty Killer and Beenie Man prove detractors wrong last weekend when they share stage once again at Fully Loaded.

Last week we told you that both dancehall kingpins performed together at the summer eclipse in Negril. The vibe creates a buzz, but not without the usual debate as to weather or not it was genuine or will last. Well guest what, both artists performed again this time in Kingston at Fully Loaded.

The two carry over the same lyrical vibes from their appearance in Negril into Kingston’s Fully Loaded. They went into ‘girl tunes’, Slam, Ol Dawg and Nuff Gal among Beenie Man’s songs, Cellular Phone and the boast “a me de gal dem a cry fa” among Bounty’s. But it was Bounty’s Stuckie that literally turned the venue upside down.

After World Dance, Beenie Man asked for a new rhythm. “A de king an’ di five star general. Who can stop this? Bounty a di general fe de army. When yu see Mavado an’ Kartel dat a de army. Kartel a me deejay. Gaza me sey. But Bounty a me deejay from morning,” Beenie declared.

They came to later stages in their careers, Bounty chanting “nutten no change” and Beenie declaring “a ghetto suppen”. There was a ticklish point in the reunion, though, as after Bounty hit Bulletproof Skin with devastating effect, Beenie Man asked “a me an’ yu did a war yasso? Me no memba my song. Me neva tek it serious”. But he dropped the line “this whole ting start since me meet Angel” and they both laughed. The rhythm stopped and Beenie said “me wan yu play back the rhythm”. But the crowd did not want him to do the song and Beenie demanded “did peace ting is a one-sided ting?” Still he conceded “me no fe sing da song deh. Da song deh no worth it”. The ‘Fully Loaded’ audience clapped in appreciation.

There were more songs, but not before Bounty Killer put the defining dancehall moment in context. “Dis ting no stop a Bounty and Beenie. Is a divine moment. Differences can put aside. The most important thing is life and good health. We a big man. We soon 40. Beenie a grandfather. And me a godfather. We cyaa act like we a 21. Me a 38, him a 37 and three-quarter. What we do not forgettable, but it forgivable. And we have to be liveable,” Bounty said.

This is not the first time over their 15 years long feud both artists have made a truce, as far back as 1995 both Beenie and Bounty declared peace on Television, similar to what Vybz Kartel and Mavado did late last year. But somehow something manage to stir things up between the two.

Whatever it is that fuel this long time feud, we at Urban Islandz sure hope will stop and these two will become friends.

So tell D’Angel she need fi call Bounty and ask him whats up… or maybe not.