Beenie Man And D’Angel Back Together. The Doc Denies Involvement With Barbee

Despite mounting rumors of late about the involvement of embattled dancehall couple Beenie Man and D’Angel, both were denying their back together. At least until it was confirmed at Reggae Sumfest.

The doctor confirmed rumours that he and his wife were again a couple, and showcased why this angel was able to clasp her wings around ‘Di Girls Dem Sugar’.

Inviting D’Angel to share the limelight with him, the two made humour of those who felt they were capable of breaking them up. “No gal caan step inna di first lady house,” sang D’Angel, adding, “You stuck inna mi life and dem caan get you out.”

Before long, she was humouring her husband, asking: “What were you doing with Barbee?” His response: “It was a music thing.”

Beenie Man Matie Barbee