Demarco Expecting First Child, Migrate To The US

Reggae/Dancehall singer/producer Colin “Demarco” Edwards has migrated from Jamaica and now lives in Atlanta to boost his career and is also expecting his first child in a few months.

Demarco is originally from Jamaica, but moved to the United States in 1999 where he lived and worked on his musical craft before returning to Jamaica in late 2005. Upon returning to Jamaica he started producing a number of popular songsand rhythms before starting his singing career with a mega hit Fallen Soldiers.

Speaking to Jamaican journalists Demarco said, “My record label (Starkutt and Koch) believed it was a good idea to come up here for a while to do some work with other artistes here. My wife (Terry Edwards) she’s having a baby close, in a couple of months, so no one is there in Jamaica to manage the place.”

“I will always come back to Jamaica, but we’re really based up here right now and I’m back and forth. Jamaica a mi place, mi can’t figet weh we come from. I want to get into the business here and get people to know me and stuff, I got this opportunity to get out there so I just have to take it,” Demarco also said.

Demarco reportedly also close his wine spot Chateaux Vino on Merrick Avenue in Kingston that he opened late last year. We wish Demarco all the best on the new segment of his career and congrats with the lil one that is on the way.