Rumor: Gay Jamaican Business Man Caught On Tape… New Tape Released

The rumor mill has been in full swing over the last couple of days in Jamaica and in the States regarding a tape circulating with a popular Kingston businessman being caressed by another man. Urban Islandz didn’t see the video so we do not know the true identity of business man in the action.

According to popular Jamaican gossip newspaper The Star, the tape was uploaded to Youtube several times but was removed due to the graphic content. But to exacerbate the rumors, the Star also claim to be in possession of an extended version of the video. The Star said the businessman claim he is not gay and that the video was altered and release to destroy his image.

The other man in the tape also claim he is not gay and that he was drugged by the businessman and taken advantage of. But our sources told us he was the one doing most of the action as he was seen in the video caressing the businessman.

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