Born in Montego Bay, Jamaica as Leroy Russell he first gathered inspiration to become a musician at an early age. While a student at Anchovy High school he performed at many gatherings there, as well as in his community, Flankers. He was strongly motivated by his home crowd to pursue a career as a professional in music. He took their advice and proceeded to record his first song, Spartan Story at Snipa studios in Flankers. He became a staple at the studio recording several tracks, Sparta Out At Night, Mama Mi Love You, Father Save Them Soul, Still Live On and his break out hit, Warn Dem. The songs became well known and subsequently he became a household name in his local environs and was a prominent performer on stage shows throughout Western Jamaica.

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  • The Ghetto

    Sparta 4 Life

  • Ex-gaza junkie

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  • Ex-gaza junkie

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  • Starwars

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