Here’s another track off T-Pain’s mix tape The Iron Way “Disa My Ting.” The track is featuring Kardinal Offishall & KK Holiday.

Welcome to epicness, I’m so dope and it’s effortless
Yeah I’m trnya brag and boast, if you looking for the s**t ni**a step in this
Disa my ting, hoes in back room kissing my ring
Ready for the day, hit me with the Visine
Getting to the money, counting up the ice cream
Me a baller boy, she with me, you better not call her boy
Imma pass her round to all my boys
Cause she want the nuts like Almond Joy
Yeah, price tag don’t matter, if it ain’t about money then it’s just chit chatter

T-Pain – Disa My Ting Feat. Kardinal Offishall & KK Holiday Lyrics

Listen track below.