T-Pain let his fans know clearly what goes down… when the sun goes down and the moon comes up. Here’s some new music from T-Pain featuring Audio Push entitled “Sun Goes Down.”

The sun goes down and the moon comes up
The blunts go round, everybody getting drunk
All night, all night, yeah yeah
Pull up and I’m swerving, hopping out hella clean
Park it on the curb and make that f**king Chevy lean
You know I deserve it, I’m gone have a good time
We gone have a good time together, biddy bye bye
Goodbye all that bad s**t, get that out your head girl
You came here to party, let’s do this instead girl
I know you deserve it if you free your mind up
We can have a good time whenever
Hopping out I tell ya what I want to say, want to say

T-Pain – Sun Goes Down Ft. Audio Push Lyrics

Listen track below.