(Verse 1)
Gyal mi seh mi love yo body
Sit down pon mi lap and then yo ride mi c**key
Bubble up and gi mi nuh
Bend over back way and meck mi stamp you like I am yo daddy
Gyal gimmi a likkle wine
Sit down pon mi c**key fi a likkle wine
Fi get a likkle child
That in a yo belly, run it hotter tan a cooking oil
Gyal mi love yo pu**y
Likkle gyal just look at what yo pu**y do mi
Come meck wi go skin hi deep
Jack in a the pool and meck mi bring it to you
Give it to me

Gyal gimmi a likkle piece
Walk like a dog to the stinger
Gyal sing fi the stinger please
Grab on pon mi body then fly wid the stinger beas

Gyal meck yo bad suh, a galang suh
Gyal mi love the way yo wine
Caw mi love the way you wine
Meck yo bad suh? And a gwaan suh
Mi just love the way you wine
Me know seh you well, well want me from long, long time

(Verse 2)
Gyal mi want yo shake yo shaker
If yo drop a ground mi a yo undertaker
Gyal muscle up and gimmi nuh
Muscle the thing fi mi nuh
Meck mi f**k you like a raper
Mi waan you gimmi there
C**k up yo body come in a fi mi chair
Mi a fling it in a gear
Yo foot a go in a air
Stinger nuh go in a rear

(Repeat Chorus)