Lil’ Kim Dissing Nicki Minaj Again On “Identity Theft”, Why Nicki Should Respond


Lil Kim Nicki beef

Lil’ Kim is dissing Nicki Minaj again saying she is stealing her identity.

Nicki Minaj found herself back on Lil’ Kim’s hate spectrum when she collaborated with Beyonce on a new single titled “Flawless (Remix)” and also drop her latest solo single “Anaconda.”

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On the single “Flawless (Remix)”, Nicki Minaj delivered a line that caught Lil’ Kim’s attention.

“The queen of rap, slayin’ with Queen Bey,” Nicki Minaj raps.

Lil’ Kim released a new diss record yesterday titled “Identity Theft” where she also released a cover art of a Lil’ Kim drivers license with Nicki Minaj face on it.

Lil Kim Nicki Minaj Identity theft

“Am I trippin’ or did this ho just say my name?/ Queen of rap, f–k outta here, Queen’s back, f–k outta here/ Time to get this rap bi— up outta here,” Lil’ Kim rap.

“I gave birth to your style,” Lil’ Kim said in another line.

Listen to Lil’ Kim new diss song “Identity Theft” below.

This sore spot for Lil’ Kim could also be as a result of Nicki Minaj artwork for her single “Anaconda” where she was in a stooping position but facing backwards.

This is a reminiscent of Lil’ Kim infamous squatting pose on for her 1997 debut album Hardcore.

The big question is should Nicki Minaj respond to Lil’ Kim’s diss?

Sound off in comments below.

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    YES SHE SHOULD CAUSE SHE’LL GO HARD ON A DISS TRACK ABOUT THIS OLD, WASHED-UP HO! Also, why the fu was lil Kim talking about how she just had a baby then was talking about su***g di**??? Like bit** really take you ethnicity confused, silicone infused as up on outta here and stay irrelevant!

    P.S. When did lil Kim wake up flawless cause that sh** is a god damn lie and lord help the brain dead child that would want to steal yo broke as identity Kim. The real bullet Biggie dodged was being associated with you in the 2000s

    • Danni E

      U act like Lil Kim did somethin to u personally. U have to give credit where credit is due!!!!. If there was no Lil Kim there would be no Nikki! U sound a lil bitter!

    • Candice

      You really are washed up! To date” Lil Kim’s fan base matches nicki’s if not more. To date’ Lil kim is still relevant 10 years later” To date” everyone still request to work with lil kim. Nicki’s music is garbage no one wants to hear her nursery rhymes anymore. The only time she was relevant is when she jacked Kim’s style.

      Queen B all day! Nicki tryna stomp with the big dogs; and she’s still a puppy! Her 15 minutes of fame is ticking down. Kim killed her on (identity theft) don’t hate!

      • free

        That part. I like Nicki when she being Nicki. But she swag jacked Kim. They both got flow, but Kim started as a rapper, Nicki was lollipop til swag jackin made her relevant. As for her 15 min being almost up…..Why she mad @ Iggy? LMAO

      • George

        Lol nicki minaj only had 15 minutes of fame? If so very confused on how she won beat female rapper at BET 5 YEARS in a row lmao… And did you not hear how she passed Jackson for entries in the Billboard? Or how she’s the first female rapper to have 2 of her songs 1 & 2 on billboard? Or how she set a record for the most (9) songs on the top 100 at once? Or how she has multiple multiplatinum songs and albums? And Lil Kim may have been the first successful female rapper, but Nicki is THE female rapper

  • Neressa Petrah Lea

    Guilty or Not Guilty …this has been floating around the internet….and maybe she (lil Kim)has a point I like them both but this pic speaks volumes :(

    • Kim is the queen bee


    • Khrissy

      Oo that’s crazy

  • Guest


  • Guest


  • Brandon

    No she shouldn’t.. Nicki winning… responding will only give Kim more attention than she deserves

    • Candice

      Kim gets attention wherever she goes! Her fans are loyal. She doesn’t need Nicki to give her life!. However; i do agree that Nicki should not respond; because Kim is going to burry that @ss again if she opens her dam mouth!

      • Juney

        And that’s a lot of A$$ to bury…LOL

  • Tracee

    Really!!! Nicki is a Lil Kim clone…y’all better check you tube… Playtime is over or proof nicki stole Kim’s swag!! Truth is truth!! Old washed up or what she opened the door for females like Nicki why not say Thank you and move along!!! She making money off everything Kim has already said and done anyway!! Now that’s the real! A lil respect is all!! Come now

    • lil kim

      Yea you are very right LIL KIM ALL DAY

    • Danni E

      I totally agree! They betta ” recognize a real “one” when they see one!” ( from….Biggie)

  • Kill_Yaself_Thot

    The doctor should’ve accidentally left an operating instrument in this THOT when she catapulted that infant from her cannon of a vjay; She is annoying me and looking quite desperate. Quit hiding in ya parents basement making tracks, take care of yo Maury Baby and die already…Go holla at Nicki’s surgeons cuz clearly they did a better job….

  • poppinG

    in this era nicki is winning so regardless of if she did steal the lady identity obvious kim doesnt hold enough weight to get her spot back beacsue she woulda been did

  • nikki IS the queen of TODAY’S

    Lil kim just needs to sit down… Her time is up nikki has taken her nikki said “if you ain’t pissin’ then get off the pot”

    • nikki winning team barbz


    • free

      Then Nicki need to pull up a chair right next to her then. Why she mad at Iggy tho? lol

  • Jayden Matthew

    lil kim agay… its over. just, just disappear. go away

  • real talk

    Lil Kim acting like she invented music. All she is doing is giving Nicki more air play and free publicity. If she so certain she has status then just come with a new album and let it speak for you…wasting time with diss tracks at her age and claimed notoriety is pointless. Childish nonsense that does not belong in the mainstream. I am Nicki all the way purely because she West Indian…screw who did it first

    • free

      Hip hop is based on rap battling for the top spot. But you’re right, hip hop/rap doesn’t belong in the mainstream; That’s how all these lollipop @ss “rappers” getting 15 min. #ijs

    • Sharese Toney


  • Rita Jones

    Lil Kim is garbage