Alkaline live life

Alkaline is shooting back at his critics to leave him alone and let him live life in his new music video “Live Life.”

The video saw Alkaline and his dog clad in a wife beater on top of a hill while the deejay spit the lyrics to the single. The end of the video show the Youngest and the Baddest deejay nodding off while getting a tattoo.

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Alkaline is gearing up for a big performance at this year’s Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay next month.

Peep the video below.

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Alkaline live life video

  • jackie stephenson

    da brother ya sick in a him head

  • Guestuser01

    raas! A him gyal dat??? Wi need fi low di man mek him live him life wid gim brown girl.

    • Gloria Thompson


  • Carl Grant

    human does not control the soul the creator is the only one know the time the creator will call back the soul that live in the flesh.

  • Carl Grant

    yes i agreed to live life and maintain respect for the creator planet and mother nature. dont abuse free choice that the creator gave to human.the creator will call back the soul and all human responsible to treat mother nature with respect.

  • outlaw


    • Gloria Thompson

      Can’t believe the EYE thing. What’s up outlaw

      • Gloria Thompson

        Outlaw, the youth want u fi low him mek him live him life. Listen to the song I like it.

      • outlaw

        yea u right a fi him life that why him fi keep the nastiness out of dancehall & stop from duty up the girls dem bout him batty wash business

      • outlaw

        mi 2.mi deh ya how u

      • Gloria Thompson

        Mi deh ya to. I def don’t agree with that batty wash too. It is dam nasty.

      • outlaw

        Fi real bless zeen

      • KING GLITO

        i kno u want a batty wash .

      • Gloria Thompson

        Not me not into nastiness, u a the king if dat it seems. Lol

      • KING GLITO

        u should let me do it to ya

      • Gloria Thompson

        Mr King, you are very sick and need help real bad. Them nastiness a no me style. ZEEN

  • Aleed Snyper Ca$hflow Williams

    yo is the man life, low d youth nah. Before yall could pick the fly’s of your neighbor’s eye yall should clean years first. Get a life n stop trying to run d youth own.I en seeing no broblem with wat d young artist doing live yr life eh bro.

  • Carl Grant

    love who you want to love promoting satan. this kid up to no good reggae music and may disrespect mother nature and the creator creation.seem like alkaline will sell his soul for money. may be in the future

    • GJ


  • Yardie

    LOL WTF is he cuddling up with the dog. da youth ya luu star .

    • shasyl

      yuh hear wah him say low him mek him live him life….