Nicki Minaj and Drake

Nicki Minaj has a fantasy and it involves marrying her labelmate Drake and become hip-hop’s next power couple.

Yesterday Nicki, Drizzy, and Weezy put on a show on Hot 97 Summer Jam and you could see the chemistry between the Trinidadian rapper and the Toronto emcee.

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In a recent interview, Nicki Minaj was very candid about her love life. Although she might come off in a jokingly way, some fans felt Nicki and Drake could be secretly dating.

“One day I will run away with Drake and get married, but right now it’s just a fantasy,” Nicki Minaj told i-D.

Nicki Minaj recently posted a cryptic message on Instagram saying that she is single and ready to mingle, prompting tabloids to speculate whether or not she and her longtime boyfriend Safaree Samuels are having problems again.

Additionally, it’s been a good minute we have seen Nicki Minaj and Safaree together.

Nicki Minaj and Rihanna

On the other side of the isle Drake has been in an on-again-off-again relationship with Rihanna. The two have been spotted all over the world in recent months having PDA moments. But speculations are that they have broken up.

Nicki Minaj also caught up with her fellow Caribbean superstar and Drake on-again-off-again boo Rihanna at Summer Jam last night.

Nicki posted a photo of herself and RiRi on Instagram captioning it, “The BADDEST.”

  • manny1080

    She gotta do something her work visa bout to expire

    • Zacheir

      most hilarious!

  • Darjalon Pearson

    well drake has said in a few f his song e and nicki are going to get married so hay if its destiny it dosnt matter who is with who they’ll end up together if its meant.

  • keshia campbell

    She aunt got a fantasy. She is letting it be known before or if it’s a need to go further.perod end of discussion. Someone needs infusion capital

  • Jazmine’

    I thought he was already married to Rihanna!

  • Reina

    Butt Drake ugly as F**K! Lmfao
    He is proof that just cause ur tall, lightskin w/ $…DOES NOT MEAN UR CUTE!
    #teamdrakenotcute! #daugliest

    • CandyApple00

      You wrong for that!

      • Lisa Asberry Harris

        No she not he is frugly as hell to me he think he fine

  • shanice

    I love you nicki minaj get married

  • world.peace

    Both nik and riri make trashy music & are nothing more but brainwashed airheads…..who cares! Do something positive, thats what the world needs to hear about, not about irrelevant relationships. God bless America.

  • Mike Adams

    Nicki is crazy af but I bet that p**** is heaven. crazy girls got the best p****! I’d marry her in a heartbeat

  • ann barb

    Dizzy :Drake is goofy! that name fits him for real he don’t know who he likes ???

  • ann barb

    Rihanna is so beautiful Nicki nose is to long !

    • manny108p

      Instead of all them shots she could a got a nose job

  • Nikki & Riri kun get any nig they want shout out to everybody who keep missing summer-jam!

  • Jordan_03

    Nicki got a BIG BOOTY in pic 2

  • billy

    Damn Nikki got a big booty

  • Yardie

    Nicki Minaj and Drake effing long time. Drake was just smashing Rihanna but he really love Nicki

  • MafiaPrezi

    I see no diss psssssh just to catch people attention but you will loose credibility if you keep posting wrong information.

    • so_disrespectful

      i agree.

  • weh di diss? hahahahahaa