Ray J

Ray J was arrested on Friday night in Beverly Hills after a woman called the cops claiming that he sexually assaulted her.

According to TMZ, Beverly Hills PD responded to a 911 call at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel last night. Cops questions both Ray J and the inidentified women at the hotel before cuffing the R&B singer and hauling him off to jail.

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But Ray J was not too happy about his treatment from the cops. He allegedly stumped out a glass inside the patrol car and spit at the cops.

Ray J was charged with trespassing, vandalism, resisting arrest, and battery on a police officer.

  • salena

    He feeling now Kim West married.

    • I doubt, prison will straighten him out.

      • salena

        Lol or not straighten him out.

      • Not sending any shots @ him because he gave Kim the green light lol..

      • salena

        lol He trying to boost his street cred.