Mavado drake

Bounty Killer is not the only deejay who have beef with Mavado.

Flexxx, who is a former friend of Mavado, just released a new diss track aimed at the Gullyside singjay titled “Dark Storm.”

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But it’s the allegations in the song that have everyone talking. In the gritty single, Flexxx accused Mavado of taking Drake money to build a library in Cassava Piece where the singjay grew up.

In 2010 Drake shot the video for his single “Find Your Love” in Jamaica with a cameo from Mavado. Drake donating $25,000 to build a library and computer center in the community.

But according to Flexxx that did not happen.


But Flexxx did not that there. The former Gullyside deejay went on to say that he ghost write several of Mavado hit songs and claiming that the singjay’s mother and sister are living in poverty while he ensure his girlfriend is financially secure.

Listen to the single below.

  • salena

    You could say what you want. Any musician etc should be grateful for the position their in because we all know today you hot tomorrow you not. With that being said usually when Caribbean music hit the American market it usually a fad. I want to see how long this gon last. Kartel associated with hoddlums and his artist. You know the people trying to progress. So in essence your theory cancel itself out.It was stated that Kartel was no better than these dudes if anything he was worse he had money.

  • Mackacosha

    Some of you people that come on this website are very bias and disrespectful and the worse part about it is the same people who choose to reply in a disrexpetful manner to other people comments don’t have a clue what they are talking about, I am In no way bragging but I personally know mavado. Flexxx and a few other artist from alliance personally and see things that happen that don’t necessarily come out to the public. And to the people who say why flexxx write songs for mavado and not himself don’t have a clue how producing In music work, mavado has a unique voice and style of delivery that not many artist can replicate so songs are written with his particular flow and sound

  • Keep It Real or STFU

    Weird because I seen the date that youtube video was uploaded and it says 2012. Why is this being spoken on now?

  • jerome henderson

    This is the same guy that sang money doh change we but we r money changer n he also sang money nuff but me nah in na d boasting me na join mock n toastin…….to songs like box a money n call me million dollar man n everyone defendin dis dunce like he some saint or incapable of growing an oversize ego that he cant control anyways he calls himself a god lets watch n see how he manages dat portfolio…

  • goathead bountykilla

    who write songs fe killa ee…dumbf—az

  • S.S

    Anyone hating on mavado cause he sold out blah blah blah are idiots. You dont make money n stay in the same place and eat with the same ppl who wont progress like your doing, thats what got Kartel in the mess his in. Get money move out and if you can put some back in the community by building libraries n sh**. If he robbed money from a rich dude n built a library in his hometown so be it.

  • Trf

    How can someone ghost write good songs for someone else’s and not for themselves

  • LAace

    “Drake money” !?


  • Santana1Don

    Urba Islandz late, this a 2012 chune, nuh rass

  • michael kust

    Mackacosha mi rate yuh speech

  • michael kust

    Mavado a wan bigg sellout bout money nuh change him di wholle world know an done see it how yuh fi fight di man dem weh build yuh up

  • michael kust

    Old tune dis longtime flexx nuh spend time by dissing di gully fraud

  • michael kust

    Dis song is from 2012

  • Mackacosha

    A lot of you people talking about people bad minding mavado, flexxx was mavado ghost writer for years and wrote a lot of his hit songs, they grew up together flexxx even gave him the name mavado, as a matter a fact if it wasn’t for flexxx when mavado and kartel had their feud flexxx was the one who help save mavado career by writing a lot of his counteraction song, Mavado could barley read at the time much less to war with the teacher lyrically, his career would have been in the dumps from then. Mavado sign to we the best and start to feel like he did to need most of the people that help him to get where he is now and that’s where all this coming from…BURN BRIDGES

    • Cuban

      Yeah Man, everyone that help him he diss, That simple mean him bad mind

    • Burn gaza

      You are talking rubbish nobody care who write the songs for movado as long them sound good maybe flexx should of have sing them him self and stp behaving like girl flexx cah be like the boss movado flexx nuh do nut thing to save the god career , flexx jus wanna be like movado how come u write so many hit song for a movado and u dnt writ nt atleast 5 for yr self . Bounty killer was the one who find and save movado career nt flexx in the complex weh dem a deal wid.

    • goathead bountykilla

      bounty is the same way from kartel to everybody and dem mumma rite songs fe killa,,,stfu

  • Burn gaza

    No flexx caah dis the gully god movado

    • goathead bountykilla

      burn yuh muda

      • Starboy

        I suggest you get a job get off the computer you bum.

  • Tweley

    Flexxx who?

  • guest123

    thats funny cause i have seen mavado’s family, and trust me they are nt in poverty, badmind tho

  • o.g

    Bad mind is active…….crab inna barrel the whole a them………