Nothing in the world endure fi meck mi run from da war yah
Bwoy violate him bun out faster than destroyer
Ca wa….DJ madder than them
DJ no walk wid a bag a man friend
Likkle fool waan come start problem
So the DJ run in a bottle bomb them
Bigger than, badder than, badder than who?
One bag a tough chat wa yo go do
Bullet up me, bullet up you
Bullet up yo likkle friend dem weh a screw

(Verse 1)
Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring
Step to yo door ting, ting
Door bell ring, one bag a bwoy dem a style Harking
Mi no God so mi nah collect no offering
3 tarrus wid 3 rifle, 3 ratchet knife wid 3 bible
Yo fans pon utube cyaa save you
Because gunman murder the a psycho
New generation fi the nation
Some likkle artist still deh a stage one
Bwoy come a talk bout dem a badman
But DJ nah look man fi rate man
Bwoy mi wi fed up yo future plan
A wa do justice league plus superman
Come a run up in a war wid a group a man
Yo never know mi a the 12 gage shooter man

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Slick, rick, duppy bat flick
Steep ship, flick mi ratchet
These guys like old man walking stick
Wid a fat rubber grip and a double row clip
Look like Kartel tek vacation
World Boss still run radio station
Better if yuh stop call him teacher
Call him the minister of the education
None a dem bwoy deh no badder than we
How dem bwoy deh fi badder than we
Lyrics wi got that by plenty
Wi a employ, nuff a dem a employee
Wrench up face and a screw
Meck mi tell yuh bout a likkle place name Bux avenue
Bruce Lee go war wid Jet Lie
Cause everything dead when me tep through

(Repeat Chorus 2X)