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Dancehall star Vybz Kartel drop another new single after his conviction “Crashing Head On,” produced by TJ Records.

It’s like crashing head on
I don’t really know if you love me
Right there you straight off… you lie to me
Please girl just f— off

Full: Vybz Kartel – Crashing Head On Lyrics

Listen full track below.

  • jackie stephenson

    I wonder if his mother ever listen to any of his rubbish music some are good but most degrade a woman pum pum

  • Ryan

    Gaza forever!

    • shasyl

      Gully side even better.

  • Guest


  • real

    @Burn Gaza I don’t understand for somebody who claim not to like Kartel music or anything to do with him you obviously have plenty of time on ur hands to comment on every little thing that has to do with him as you can see everyday new chune coming out cause they can’t stop the Gaza general get a life

    • Burn gaza

      Su– yr muma mi love dancehall and god suh mi haffi burn out daddy devil mi sah jail boss that now hope wen him drop d cake soap him get rape ghetto boy dash weh the richest over two guns lol becuz him too dunce a video him self a kill man Rass fool dat! Most of his song only hot for second dem nuh have no substance in it . Frisco kind and mad corba a the real portmore artise kartel days are over. Him start well becuz him did deh round the general fi dancehall BOUNTY KILLER look weh him deh yah now jail becuz him have too much yes man around him . U nuh see no dj nuh support him becuz him put money in front of everything and nuh treat people good that’s why jah take back the blessing , praise the devil and you will get a raw deal money can save you from yr sins

    • Ross Margarette

      Burn gazs is a bit-h but he’s cool

      • Burn gaza

        No I already told u if anybody a Bit-h a you that man haffi burn out daddy devil who nuh like dat jus bite a big hood

      • Ross Margarette

        What you don’t know how to talk get nyc one d–k out you mouth little bit-h

      • Burn gaza

        Frist take it out yr mouth be4 talking to mi

      • Ross Margarette

        Bit-h gaza say something smart for once

      • Burn gaza

        Everything mi say is smart

      • Ross Margarette

        I don’t think so

      • Burn gaza

        Mi nuh care wat u think

      • Ross Margarette

        Yes you do that’s why you keep answering me

  • Belize

    Vybz Kartel with the 2pac work ethic

  • Burn gaza

    Jail boss tis him need fi stay dwn a GP and get a black

    • Gully

      Yo u can f**kin chatt eeh u pree everything fi di man yuh nuh av a gyal or even a lie fi live darg

      • Burn gaza

        Laba juice yr big muma . Burn out daddy devil if u nuh like it u can bite a big hood

      • shasyl

        Lol uno mek me laugh hard eno.

      • sg

        Its the truth u are always on anything with kartel, even when its not about him u still bring up his name. Dude you are seriously obsessed with this man I know of some crazy fanboys but I have never come across a hater like u yet.