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Flexx – Good Like Gold Lyrics


Gyal yo good like a gold
All a the man dem after you

Gyal just wine up yo soul
All a the man dem after you

Gyal you good like gold
All a the man dem after you

Gyal wine up yo soul
gyal, wine up, wine up, wine up

(Verse 1)
Wine up yo body juck, juck
And you turn, haffi get yo body to my concern
Gyal yo body hot like a sun yuh a burn
Know yo have yo man mi still a wait fi mi turn
So yo fling it up on mi and meck mi eyes roll over
And gimmi pon the bed, and pon the dresser and sofer
Mi really waan fi si da gyal yah over and over
Gyal yo good till it a run over

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yo good, good, a weh yo born wid
Yo no buy that a pharmacy store
Yo no walk wid yo nookie pon yo forehead
So no bwoy cyaa call you no hoe
A no nothing fi yo bruck out, bruck out and wine
Independent you no bwoy nah mine
You a gyal weh hustle fi yo own a dollar coin
So just wine baby wine

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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