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Young Thug Came Out, First Gay Thug Trap Rapper [VIDEO]


Young Thug Gay

For quite some time now rapper Young Thug has been rumored to be gay and now the big question is did he came out the closet in this video he posted on Instagram.

If Young Thug is not gay then he is kicking down the closet door.

Industry personalities are already saying that the Atlanta rapper could be the first homo thug trap rapper in hip-hop.

Young Thug has also been posting several question pics on Instagram and his fans are raising questions.

Young Thug has two hit singles currently rocking the streets. A single called “Danny Glover,” which Nicki Minaj released a remix for last month, and also a single called “Stoner.”

Young Thug pic

Also check out the video from DJ Akademiks discussing the issue.

Do you think Young Thug is gay?

Leave your comments below.

  • Powetiq1

    That’s real talk Lil bruh! This generation is repping everything that has to do with homo or gay tendencies and both glorifying and glamorizing it. Gay is gay and that’s not me judging it. There’s a lot of closet rappers out here trying to change the platform. Started with a kiss now we’re here!

    • Holly Hobby

      Stop being fooled by what is SHOWN to you. The internet and media present a virtual reality. Stop applying what it shows you as fact that you place into your mindset. That’s the rub. Harboring hate in these times will have your tick tock stopped.

      • 1234FIF

        So men wearing dresses is legit for straight men? I’m seeing him with my own 2 eyes in a dress.

    • Toya


  • julian terry

    Man this ni–a lining ain’t Fu–ing blood talk he talking ni–a please he gay and this ni–a taking up for him saying he blood you ni–as gay just admit it who cares but don’t play real gang bangers and this the atl we talking about we know ni–as gay and I live out here with the gay thugs fake bloods and crisp red or blue ni–as know a real g when they see a real g he ain’t one shine or line

    • SimoniaMeChelle

      That’s #truth

  • Jay

    In the 90′s era of hip hop he would be called gay an ran out the game but this new era he’s a regular rapper I guess but dude is gay..

  • Holly Hobby

    Androgyny is the key

  • D Harris

    Tbh..it’s truly sad the wicked times that we’re living in, the homosexual agenda is being impressed on today’s youth by the influence of every avenue of entertainment, so hard,that they feel like they have to imitate the perversity their consumed by. When you live in darkness how can you know what’s going on? All we need is The Light (Jesus Christ) .

  • http://soundcloud.com/kidkhalidtheoriginal KidKhalid

    i hope all homos be executed one day. In God’s name

  • J

    So was Omar from the Wire. Didnt take away the fact that he was gay.

  • jailove01

    Kmsl at these comments… most of these dudes confused not knowing or understanding feminine ways. These people now days will defend there idol and friends even all the signs/ evidence is right in front of their face. All this technology and people still dont get it lol

  • SimoniaMeChelle

    It is his life, it belongs to the Lord Almighty that is between him & God that made us All!

  • TaeTaeBaybee

    Gave #AssFuck… #NoQuestion

  • Tuhleya Kreung

    Wtf. Did he gone Mad

  • DamnIt Daniels

    Either way, who cares? Everyone wants to put a label on people. Leave him alone. I love #stoner and #youngThug.

  • Peter

    Dats not g,yg is a real g.fuck Wayne 4 signing young thug

  • Mike Scorsese

    Latinos, Asians & Whites have
    Gangs as well. Let’s be fair.

  • http://Youtube.com/TheSoloBL SoloBL

    He’s the real gangstalicious

  • big larry

    I think he’sgay but i like some i mean some of his music so I guess it does not matter to me but he is a fag thoe

  • Mrjunbug615

    First and foremost. Everybody is missing the big picture here. Number one IF he is gay thats his business.just because he was trapping means nothing about being hard. Then what makes it so bad is we are the only race that brings down or Oren when we become successful. Its undeniable he has good music and he has created an image for himself . I don’t care if he gay or not Ima bump him anyway. That’s what y’all forgetting. They gone play him anyway. Gay or not. And we will continue to slander this man. Who is a good artist.

  • ugottabe kidding me

    he aint not fo sho gay..he be “dah bottom”..smh

  • Greta Kirsch

    Nearly every comment on here is unintelligent and shows how far behind African Americans are! You follow rappers(thugs who can make nonsense rhymes and sell it to retarded minds) and who have impure and immoral lives that you idolize because you have abandoned our creator and savior. Please find a church, pick up your bibles and don’t follow this lost soul to hell!



  • Cher


  • Cher

    I think he is a puppet doing what he is told it’s sad though. I think they whoever is in charge in music is trying to put this in our kids minds that its ok. But it’s not. Why not start with the strongest race. Black men. It’s horrible I’m glad my kids got sense to know not to listen to his music anymore. Once they seen these photos with him in these rags they threw out there cd and erased him from their devices. I was proud. Remember folks god created the devil to play music in heaven. He is doing what he does best music. Y’all see these artists worshipping him all the time now. It really sucks. We didn’t notice it when we were younger because rock ruled and its on every rock album and their titles of the band name. Now hip hop rules and its very noticeable. Flat out disrespectful to god. This boy is apart of the disrespect. People do anything for money. I hope he learns how to ask for forgiveness.

  • David Drank Lean

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  • Pharaoh

    I don’t respect a shooter… I respect O.G. knowledge.

  • Shaq

    The dress and fingernail polish says enough for me. A more convincing picture will surface later.

  • Chris Copeland

    If they saying he aint gay then it must be 1 of this fools bae’s or loves lol. Seriously i agree 1 million % wearing a dress and nail polish makes you gay it’s called dressing in drag. And if i ever catch the mfer round zone 1 ima beat the paint off his nails cause he spreading poison to the young kids.

  • Jamesy B.

    Young Thug called Rich Homie “My Lover” on IG

  • 1234FIF

    These lil dudes are down with that thugnificent “Do the homies” b/s from the Boondoccs. Thes younins are lost and don’t even know. That’s the worst to be a slave and not even know it.