Young Thug Gay

For quite some time now rapper Young Thug has been rumored to be gay and now the big question is did he came out the closet in this video he posted on Instagram.

If Young Thug is not gay then he is kicking down the closet door.

Industry personalities are already saying that the Atlanta rapper could be the first homo thug trap rapper in hip-hop.

Young Thug has also been posting several question pics on Instagram and his fans are raising questions.

Young Thug has two hit singles currently rocking the streets. A single called “Danny Glover,” which Nicki Minaj released a remix for last month, and also a single called “Stoner.”

Young Thug pic

Also check out the video from DJ Akademiks discussing the issue.

Do you think Young Thug is gay?

Leave your comments below.

  • Phade120

    Shyt Omar from the wire was gay as shyt n he was a killer. So it don’t matter. He homo n in violation in so many ways. Can’t come to my hood. ni***z a handle DAT ni***z frfr

  • josh

    young thug is gay

  • Real Deal

    you sound like he done shot you a few times!!!!

  • cosmo

    dude what are you trinna prove? you in love?

  • Kevin Higgins

    who cares!

  • mel

    Young Thug GAY AS HELL!!! He just needs to admit it…….and the fact that he WACK AS HELL… yea he needs to admit that too !!!! #ok

  • Gwen Berry

    No i don’t

  • just honest

    It seem like at least half or more black men are gay now esp in atl atl and dc. They act like you have to be gay to get rich and famous, and these weak followers are falling for it! Gay for pay-so sad to sell your soul for 5minutes of fame. And all these black women want to fight other races of women over them; they are doing you a favor leaving you alone, or do you want HIV/AIDs taking dirty sh**ty dick? Get an honest straight guy who may not be famous, but he aint fighting you over who gets to wear the dress either lol, oh ask around, Italian men are the black white man packing too, you won’t miss nothing! Leave the DL homo thugs alone b4 you catch something, I’m telling you, homeboy look like he already got that package.

  • pezo

    I respect yall opinion, he may or may not be.. I don’t kno kno him personally, I only care bout gud mucic, and my own luv ones!!!

  • pezo

    Not my bizz wha he is, music is all I care bout, he ant paying my bills ,

  • 9InchesOfWhite

    Lol, looks like allot of ni**as are getting mad xD

  • Elena Brown

    He definitely look gay to me and I kept tell husband he was gay also u tell by his face and he always keep his nails done in designs and he is rocking a pair of UGGZ!!!!!!

  • a.boogie

    If yall like thug that much go out and by a dress like him… #gay

  • Tim Space Debris

    Who cares? All I know is he’s awesome.

  • @popin___sayitdontsprayit___

    No I do not think young thug is gay and if he is then let him be so if ya’ll don’t like his music than DONT DOWNLOAD HIS MUSIC like fr fr yall prolly homos on the ]low anyway so I don’t discriminate glht {gays, lesibans, homosexuals , bisexuals , or trans} so hop of his dick yall yung thug HATERS :____

  • Nea

    If he is… what. ….get over it … get over yourselves ..there are gays, homos, lesbians whatever you want to call them in this world , they have rights and believe or not they are not going anywhere they are in your families, attorneys, judges, police officers, work in public places, etc. So what he’s a rapper hell support him instead of bring him down …..however let’s grow and stop being stupid over someone sexuality.

  • Granhustle

    Hey gay and if he aunt then he want attention!

  • Antwon Robinson

    it don’t matter the boy can flow

  • Alison Fields

    nicki minaj is bisexual so……If he is, then he is not alone

  • jack nelly

    ite brah yall all are wild regardless if hes gay or not his music is fire, and the truth of the matter is we are beings living in inbodyments (hope you lesser educated people can understand this) gay n straight are nothing but labels giving to our physical forms spiritually we are all the same sex, so pretty much society’s been in the closet, shout out to thug n his creative colorfulness

  • wayniac



  • ThaWatcher

    Is he gay?? Is that even a real question? Nah he ain’t gay…he just has a serious fart box fetish…FOH I mean ask a stupid question get a stupid answer.

  • Tonya LaRicci Norris


  • wow-

  • @goingham62

    I just don’t like how these ni**as try to play thug or gangsta and they gay, it’s like they [email protected] to force homo shyt on the youth and make bi***es ok with it

  • leadie

    Who cares if he’s Gay ?His music is hot eventho I dont know what the Hell he be saying 1/2 the

  • Aretha

    If He is God bless him and let him live his life. Love is love. Be happy dude.

  • Raya Wilson-Spears

    Deuteronomy 22:5 The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the most high God. This let you know people aren’t born gay. Being gay is wickedness with in you

    • Karen Jones


    • Karen Jones


  • lord of the fry

    not sure you understand that fashion doesn’t make you gay, having sex with men does. he might be a cross-dresser. that’s different than being gay. they’re not mutually inclusive.

  • Cash57

    No words i remember out now get that real music

  • Lenny L Boogie Harris

    You can call it whatever dj is right, Young Thug could seriously make waves and blow up with an even broader fanbase…..haters gone hate…from the sideline looking dumb

  • Lenny L Boogie Harris

    U mad? Stop trying to make gay look bad because you’re homophobic….get a life. In case you haven’t noticed the “lil homies” that are messing up…are the ones busy proving their manhood and how they “bout that life” most of the gays are in college, have jobs, and moving up in the world the legal way

    • BillZ4rm585

      Ok, so obviously what I wrote has completely went over ur head. I said that there’s nothing wrong with being gay, but there is something wrong with staying in the closet when ur a role model and got people following you. Me personally? I think young thug got some hot ass tracks, I FuX with Danny glover STILL to this day. BUT I don’t f with another man calling another man HUBBIE, LOVER, BAE.. it’s a mixed message he’s putting out there . If u gay, say u gay, don’t say it’s BLOOD lingo…..cuz it’s a lie.

      • Lenny L Boogie Harris

        Pfft if “hubby” offends you that much….you need to grow a thicker skin! Wtf does that have to do with you? Get over it! Either you’re a fan or not. Its not a mixed message…..youre listening to his music….not trying to date him, so what’s so damn “confusing”

    • Ervin Walls

      @ lenny boogie u don’t rep any black man.. u promo’n misfits that don’t git it up less the smell zhet? zhet an sperm don’t make babies no matter how many times u mix it there goes ur manuud and ur race. aint no boogie on you birth certificate either.

      • Lenny L Boogie Harris

        You sound like you barely made it out the 5th grade. Move on..

      • Ervin Walls

        The day your daddy’s mistake even suggests my movement on or otherwise never gets here mr gay debater …..the first step toward self hate is when wanna be spike lee cockroaches deface their born name as in boogie or booger etc, the rest is down hlil. then they want to have discussions as to weather grown men should ware dresses. l or in your case hoodrat.

      • Lenny L Boogie Harris

        You representing foolish. Name calling, dissing a person YOU DONT KNOW for the sake of what YOU think makes someone a man….but you can barely SPELL! wtf did you write? How the hell you gonna talk crap in broken chicken scratch? HAVE A SEAT

  • Harlem ThaSnow Malone


  • Dré

    Smh this discussion board is crazy af! The sad thing is that it’s a lot of closeted rappers, but I guess if they aren’t dressing gay and DL it’s cool, and you still will buy their music. What I don’t understand is that once y’all found out everyone else started noticing he was gay now you want to stop listening to him?!!! He’s gay af there’s no denying that. A lot of dudes that was bumping his music for is only going to stop because of what other mfs are going to say or think about him. Some of y’all need question yourselfs if you making descions based on what the next man thinks of you. I wonder how many dudes would stand in line for Jsonly to impress other dudes if Jordan came out as gay?!! Y’all mfs would be mad af lol…

  • Evelyn

    why is everyone arguin on here? learn how to have a discussion without the name callin and negativity all the time. just try it”

  • Paradym3

    At least he does not front like Drake,Jay-Z and T.I. #FreeGuWop

  • Essence

    I don’t think he’s gay at all. His style just not what you’d normally see rap artist wear

  • CodeStud3

    Only liberals can say the word homo and not get run out of town.

  • Kane Kando


  • Phre$h

    real sh** even if he is gay,his features lately been crazy and I dont see his buzz dying anytime soon

  • Dreydrey123

    dont think he gay he just tryna keep up wit the times n try to b a a fashion “icon” like asap rocky n lil wayne when he used to dress like that

    • Karen Jones

      Lil wayne kiss mens now if u think he aint gay then u need to talk to somebody who can school u no real n.g.a does that unless he gay he just bi

    • Karen Jones

      Lil wayne kiss mens now if u think he aint gay then u need to talk to somebody who can school u no real n.g.a does that unless he gay he just bi

  • @gwolla74

    Dis Beno Tarantino Instagram: gwolla74

    Man home juh got his own unique swag. If u take lil sh** ta mind and u dont kno these people (Young Thug/Anybody) personally that makes u gay at heart cuz you’re miserable. Miguel wears tight rare sh**. Does that make him gay? Texas rappers say baby after dam near everything and they getn money, does that make them gay? Cali ni**az dance in fruity as clown clothes and do some sh** called Hyphy are they gay? Snoop aka Uncle Lion was a pimp and wore nail polish, is he gay? Give that young ni**a credit instead of downin young ni**az who overcame their street struggles. Cuz gay or not, the same muh***a who came up with this story his broad will fu** that young ni**a. Im a 1000 percent street ni**a snd I kno youngin gon go in. So if u ain built like da stories u writin fall bak. If u kno wat Givenchy is its foreign attire. Kilts!!! Slow broke as ni**a catch up on fashion n I rich world!!! What did irish men wear? ??? Exactly!!! Think wit ya mind. Only hoes n hoe ni**az think with they heartsbn assumptions. Grow up, graduate, and get paid!!!!! Hoes gossip!!! Go to his neighborhood n do research n see wat comes up. That’ll answer ya question. But u dont get paid fa dat. U get paid fa criticism. #Sellout

  • TheBigKing1

    Good for him. Keep doing ya thang. Dude being real and don’t give af. So I respect that.

  • Josh

    ain’t that the truth, people should feel like assholes for voting for obama in 2008, even worse if they repeated that ignorance in 2012……looks can be deceiving.He’s gay though, might as well accept facts.

    • simply_me

      Wtf does that have to do with anything!?!! Voting for whomever?? Have several thousand seats please!

  • 1234FIF

    These lil dudes are down with that thugnificent “Do the homies” b/s from the Boondoccs. Thes younins are lost and don’t even know. That’s the worst to be a slave and not even know it.

    • Mr. Yola

      Get it right. Gangstalisous.

    • Lenny L Boogie Harris

      Seems like they know who they are….its just people like YOU that can’t deal with THEIR decisions…..get over it

  • Jamesy B.

    Young Thug called Rich Homie “My Lover” on IG

  • Chris Copeland

    If they saying he aint gay then it must be 1 of this fools bae’s or loves lol. Seriously i agree 1 million % wearing a dress and nail polish makes you gay it’s called dressing in drag. And if i ever catch the mfer round zone 1 ima beat the paint off his nails cause he spreading poison to the young kids.

  • Shaq

    The dress and fingernail polish says enough for me. A more convincing picture will surface later.

  • Pharaoh

    I don’t respect a shooter… I respect O.G. knowledge.

  • David Drank Lean

    Hello fam , this what’s up , Top quality Actavis promethazine with codeine and some high grade Dank , no BS if you are interested in ordering some don’t hesitate to call or text 804-481-9238 or email [email protected],com

  • Cher

    I think he is a puppet doing what he is told it’s sad though. I think they whoever is in charge in music is trying to put this in our kids minds that its ok. But it’s not. Why not start with the strongest race. Black men. It’s horrible I’m glad my kids got sense to know not to listen to his music anymore. Once they seen these photos with him in these rags they threw out there cd and erased him from their devices. I was proud. Remember folks god created the devil to play music in heaven. He is doing what he does best music. Y’all see these artists worshipping him all the time now. It really sucks. We didn’t notice it when we were younger because rock ruled and its on every rock album and their titles of the band name. Now hip hop rules and its very noticeable. Flat out disrespectful to god. This boy is apart of the disrespect. People do anything for money. I hope he learns how to ask for forgiveness.

  • Cher




  • Greta Kirsch

    Nearly every comment on here is unintelligent and shows how far behind African Americans are! You follow rappers(thugs who can make nonsense rhymes and sell it to retarded minds) and who have impure and immoral lives that you idolize because you have abandoned our creator and savior. Please find a church, pick up your bibles and don’t follow this lost soul to hell!

    • Karen Jones

      Rite rite AMEN

    • Karen Jones

      Rite rite AMEN

  • ugottabe kidding me

    he aint not fo sho gay..he be “dah bottom”..smh

  • Mrjunbug615

    First and foremost. Everybody is missing the big picture here. Number one IF he is gay thats his business.just because he was trapping means nothing about being hard. Then what makes it so bad is we are the only race that brings down or Oren when we become successful. Its undeniable he has good music and he has created an image for himself . I don’t care if he gay or not Ima bump him anyway. That’s what y’all forgetting. They gone play him anyway. Gay or not. And we will continue to slander this man. Who is a good artist.

  • big larry

    I think he’sgay but i like some i mean some of his music so I guess it does not matter to me but he is a fag thoe

  • He’s the real gangstalicious

  • Mike Scorsese

    Latinos, Asians & Whites have
    Gangs as well. Let’s be fair.

  • Peter

    Dats not g,yg is a real g.f–k Wayne 4 signing young thug

  • DamnIt Daniels

    Either way, who cares? Everyone wants to put a label on people. Leave him alone. I love #stoner and #youngThug.

  • Tuhleya Kreung

    Wtf. Did he gone Mad

  • TaeTaeBaybee

    Gave #Assf–k… #NoQuestion

  • SimoniaMeChelle

    It is his life, it belongs to the Lord Almighty that is between him & God that made us All!

  • jailove01

    Kmsl at these comments… most of these dudes confused not knowing or understanding feminine ways. These people now days will defend there idol and friends even all the signs/ evidence is right in front of their face. All this technology and people still dont get it lol

  • J

    So was Omar from the Wire. Didnt take away the fact that he was gay.

  • i hope all homos be executed one day. In God’s name

  • D Harris’s truly sad the wicked times that we’re living in, the homosexual agenda is being impressed on today’s youth by the influence of every avenue of entertainment, so hard,that they feel like they have to imitate the perversity their consumed by. When you live in darkness how can you know what’s going on? All we need is The Light (Jesus Christ) .

  • Holly Hobby

    Androgyny is the key

  • Jay

    In the 90’s era of hip hop he would be called gay an ran out the game but this new era he’s a regular rapper I guess but dude is gay..

  • julian terry

    Man this ni–a lining ain’t Fu–ing blood talk he talking ni–a please he gay and this ni–a taking up for him saying he blood you ni–as gay just admit it who cares but don’t play real gang bangers and this the atl we talking about we know ni–as gay and I live out here with the gay thugs fake bloods and crisp red or blue ni–as know a real g when they see a real g he ain’t one shine or line

    • SimoniaMeChelle

      That’s #truth

  • Powetiq1

    That’s real talk Lil bruh! This generation is repping everything that has to do with homo or gay tendencies and both glorifying and glamorizing it. Gay is gay and that’s not me judging it. There’s a lot of closet rappers out here trying to change the platform. Started with a kiss now we’re here!

    • Holly Hobby

      Stop being fooled by what is SHOWN to you. The internet and media present a virtual reality. Stop applying what it shows you as fact that you place into your mindset. That’s the rub. Harboring hate in these times will have your tick tock stopped.

      • 1234FIF

        So men wearing dresses is legit for straight men? I’m seeing him with my own 2 eyes in a dress.

      • trillgame

        Lol it’s like bondocks when the rapper has everyone dressing like homos

    • Toya


    • Lenny L Boogie Harris

      Uh no, these little dumb ass gang bangers are the problem. You don’t see gay guys standing out drinking 40’s and wasting their lives away on street corners.

      • BillZ4rm585

        Actually there’s a lot of gay thugs out there wasting there life away on the street corner drinking 40s

      • Lenny L Boogie Harris

        Show proof! Don’t just claim it, and don’t give me that dl sh**….show me openly gay teens standing outside causing trouble, punching old folks out, robbing liquor stores, beating up park rangers and menacing neighborhoods with senseless violence!

  • myeshia blair

    Yes he is

  • cbello


  • keena

    When he raps “slime Bubba wit it, slime Chaz wit it” etc on Stoner l dont think he’s talkin bout the Nickelodeon awards.

  • 12tribes

    Black men stop worshipping the devils dollar

  • Savage

    Soooo, cuz a dude wears leopard nail-polish that make him gay?
    It didnt appear that it is just to be provocative?
    As long as you dont see him with a dick in his mouth, or him admitting to be gay, he aint gay!
    Dumbass simplifying morron!

    • BillZ4rm585

      Yes…. If a guy wears animal print nails and a dress (like my daughter does) and calls his friends bae and Love… I would consider him gay. Do u hear urself right now my dude? If a white guy walks around in a kkk robe and calls black people Nier , would u consider him racist? Or NAWW??? I call it how I see it bruh.

    • A.X.E_H$E360

      yes if a dude wears leopard nail polish
      it makes him have gay tendencies id be damn if i had a son and he being influenced and thinkin its okay for men to wear leopard print polish helll no

      • Lenny L Boogie Harris

        Then you’ll be one of those lonely ass parents eating can food with 5 cats and your son is in Hollywood making money and enjoying life without you because you can’t get the hell over it!

      • NotIgnorant

        Ahahahahaha. So what your sayin is that dressing like a gay man will make u rich. These comments are making all you idiots look like ignorant f–ks but this one might be the most ignorant. Hahahah. So all gay men are successful???

      • Lenny L Boogie Harris

        Law passed on equal rights, you can come out the closet now!

  • MOB Piru IMG

    he def aint gay he banging that SMM. Pete up till they pull the sheet up you heard 5 alive

  • wolf 666

    actually muth**ukaz uggs were originally for us ni**as do yoo dam research females jus took tht sh*t over smdh at how stupid ni**az cn b

  • Sakura’s Reaper

    This reminds me of the Boondocks episode with Gangstalicious lol.

  • Tru Hip-Hop

    One of the worst articles I’ve ever read…

  • Jordan


  • Jamilbeatz

    o they got a name for it “gay thug trap rapper” i wonder who made this site? this aint broke back mountain don’t aint no fags in hiphop maybe that country sh .

  • Jamilbeatz

    damn so i guess “he’s a fa-ot he’s a fa-ot he’s a fa-ot”

  • 3Chainz

    look in dat mirror playgirl. you might be gay yaself…

  • Savannah Garcia

    I think maybe he just doing that. That’s his other way of swaggtastic.uggz,nails,toot tu

  • greg smith

    can’t respect him if he gay, probably aint ever going to listen to that fu– again

  • IceeQueen

    i like young thug, it dont matter if he is gay or not he can make good music!

  • BigScoop

    So…basically this dude the “Omar” of rap? LMAO & smh

  • Levi Cheely

    How you going to speak on sh– you don’t know, You ignorant trash it was Young Thug HIMSELF who said he wuz gay, But I guess he don’t know sh– bout himself right ? Ignorant a– mofo

  • Braylen23

    Lol what the fu– ever if it walks like a duck it’s a fu—ng duck. That ni–a gay so is the rest of the ni–as that ride with him. I know plenty of shooters and none of them dress like that period

  • LazyMenaceWithAStrawHat

    naa hes a metrosexual meaning he does homo things but likes pu–y. and by homo things i mean wearing them foreign clothes and dresses. wtf happened to jeans T’s and a hat?

  • LongLiveTune

    That sh– right there Gay… the fakt that this dude gat a skirt plus he beeen dick riding and callin other dudes ‘babe’ since the beginin of his carier,that sh– Gay!!!!

  • Nikki HustleRus

    Like his music….dont give a f__k who he sleep with….simple as that…

  • No luv 3000

    Gay As Fu– 2pac would of beat his a– him and suge

  • b davis

    Old scott the scarecrow lookin a– ni–a

  • amateur6

    Do you people even know what “trap” means? Imbeciles.

  • FOE T.R.U.U

    follow us on Instagram FOE fan page the movementthat may not gay bro I know this man person to be on Cleveland Avenue the whole family you call him gay we grew up on the Street YSL and F.O.E AND the rock crew this is our family this is your boy aka F.O.E T.R.U.U follow ME doing big things FOE fan page Instagram now tell me if HE gay hey shut out too young thug amigo Richie Rich future rich homie Yong loo I can forget about my boy Wiki Young zoo and your boy T.R.U.U F.O.E 4 Life

  • OriginalAtlantaGradyBaby

    @yungshino:disqus Real Men Dont Wear Dresses or try on women clothes for money or promotion. We dont have to know thug to know thats gay. Skinny leg jeans gay too. #fukthesitdownandpeemusicmovement

  • Dutchess

    Who is he I never heard of him



  • Jay

    Leopard on your nails?…………

    Yeah he’s gay

  • Treva Owens

    No str8 dude play like that to each his own but he gay stop flexing he a sissy he a sissy he a sissy lol

  • Treva Owens


  • Eric Lewis

    I don’t give a f*** if he is or not. I just don’t like when other people are condoning and pushing that s*** in the main screen it’s hard enough for men out here as it is now you want them to emasculate themselves is that what you want to teach the little dudes. you raise a boy to be a man not to act like a b****…… Real Talk f*** what you heard!!!!

  • KING

    Their ARE gay and straight Ni—s in every walk of life I know plenty of killers that’s was gay OR bisexual Michael Jackson was gay WE ALL moon walk had jerry curls and beat IT jackets I’m not for the gay spirits IF you got kids singing(( i wanna touch your body i won’t tell anybody ass soft as jolly )and you talking about a man i believe in God your tongue is a weapon

  • Oh Yeah!

    Point Blank the ni–a Ugly, I kno fo damn sure us women wouldn’t care if hes out here chasing “Doodo” Lol anyways he’s just doin what most ugly men do when they cant get pu—, they turn into pu—es themselves turn it around and get bent ova like a “goodboy”

  • Inga SweetMfka Smith

    sounds like he’s (Dj) is excited about it hmmmm is he gay?

  • real shit

    I know da ni–a personally from when he was rock crew. He did a song with da groupiI managed called da real crew (Google em) on yutub under G.f. da mob & hear da songs with young thug. Pluse his brother omp foomp my partna. Hell yeah dat boy Gay as sh– I mean just peep his gay a– Swag fa–et punk.

  • Callinyoassout

    If the ni**a come out as a gay rapper, he will be the biggest thing in Hollywood. Hollywood is gay as f— and they have been trying to convert these ni—s forever. They will give him the throne and the millions that come with it. The only thing is, it’s a soul sell out! FYI I Saw @ youngshino say he’s a shooter. You don’t have to be straight to be a shooter. No man does what he do, if it’s even a joke. Once you go there there’s no recovering point blank. He might as well go all in and get the paper and fame, he can’t reverse that if he tried..

  • Tray Iam Worth

    Waz bangin 5

    • Young savage

      Everybody knows he gay

    • 1234FIF

      If you ain’t from LA and you talking this B and C stuff you’s a phony! Who sanctioned your set? What’s your history who’s the OG that sanctioned your hood?

  • Lakewood

    Man get the fu– outta here Shawty ain’t gay zone 3 Lakewood sh– y’all folks tripping

  • geronimo bitches

    man fu– all this bafoonery man these nukas making the game fu—d up.

  • All yall niggas ugly

    All yall ni–as ugly

  • Bbooy Saad

    Hedda what I am talking about, my footmen

  • meekmoney

    I’m not an advocate for gay rappers.

    However…I’ve been hipped to a guy name Mykki Blanko …

    Just google and also youtube his name Mykki Blanko.

    I think that he is the first to REALLY put it out there.

    When you say first there are a lot of First GAY rappers…tho

    BUUUUUUUTTTTTTT, This guy goes full-out.

    Trust me … he removes ALLLL DOUBT.

    What I saw had my eyes buck the whole time…stunned.

    You don’t and won’t have to guess.

    That’s is all.

  • niggastraightraw

    Dick ride much

    • Stymie Beard

      What kind of English is that phuckboy?!?! “Dick ride much”… sheep lingo.

  • Locco

    Slizzy slob whats Craccin food a$$ nicca

    • Cj Jones

      5it your a55 down u ckraB a55 ni— for I ckru5h u with my wallet ?????

      • Kased

        u claimin smm. u from the view????????????????????????

  • Derrick Pierre

    Idk if they allow that down south but here in jeresey that’s gay !

  • Derrick Pierre

    Gay as fu– , I fu– with that stoner song . I’m blood & never seen a thug wear some uggz & skirt Shiq crazy

  • Billie Eubanks Smith

    Here’s the thing…Idgaf if he gay. I love his music. Don’t change sht. Plus don’t no female want him. He look like he stink. Still…that’s my stinky Homie.

  • caitlin

    FLAMING. IDGAF FLAMING. if it looks like a duck quax like a duck walks like a duck….its a mfing duck…

  • cici

    He gay and I still like his music but aint no man bout to wear that and paint no nails

  • @truejeanfein

    He said it on his mixtape… like Shaq feet I been gay!

  • The Green Box

    if he the first gay thug rapper, he gonna make 30 million in one year. as long as he don’t talk about fu—ng ni–as.

  • doc_nice

    this dude definitely gay but who cares

  • YT_Handy100 #NTL #TSO

    Dis ni–a gay as fu– … I’m smh at this fu– ni–a kum on now we ain’t doin nun of dat out here in these streets.. I ain’t hatin I’m just sayin if the ni–a ain’t gay he should stop dressing like he is ol gangstalicious a– ni–a

  • Ain’t No Way!!

    Bullsh–…there is something wrong if he is gay. That sh– is nasty and unnatural no matter who co-signs that filthy way of life. Sticking your di– up another man’s sh– hole is unhealthy. All of you who co-sign this sick sh– are enemies of THE MOST HIGH and we will see how that works out for you.

  • 2RealTho

    This ni88a gay….i dont care what “gang” he suppose to claim. He will get no play in the whip……

  • itsjustthatreal

    Heard this ni–a love bounce music with August alsina

  • BitchImMe

    That ni–a song poppin but that ni–a gay as fu– ,Thug Ni–as Dont Wear Uggs,Leopard Tu-Tus,& Leopard Nail Art.. This Ni–a Called Another Ni–a Bae That Ni–a Remind Me Of THUGALICIOUS from THE BOONDOCKS… NI–A YOU GAY (Riley.voice)

  • HennyByDaLeader

    “playing tennis with his tonsils” lmfao!

  • SwankJesus

    no, just a dirty asap rocky.

  • citgo dagod

    @youngshino that ni–a gay homie im blood and he would have got ate for that sh– bloods dont bum like that wtf he a crab if anything

  • MikeFromHighSchoolHigh


  • TribeGFM

    judging by his homeboy dat boy is oysterperpetually gay.

  • Mia Bradley

    He’s gay!

  • Jahjahboi

    If he’s gay he’s gay who gives a fu–
    Young ni–a killing the streets right now I bet you ni—s bumping his sh– before y’all knew this… It’s 2014 that’s like saying your lil brother gay… What now you gon disclaim him when the day before you loved that ni–a

    • Mia Bradley

      Hey listen, I love gay people.but keep that Rupaul sh– out of hip-hop. I will never take a man’s music serious if he’s flaunting around in a fu—ng dress. Ni–a, Snoop fu–ed up when he did that sh– , Wiz, ASAP, all of them. Hip-hop not even hip-hop no more. Look at who won a Grammy for “The Best Hip-Hop Album”.

    • Bmore Snipaz

      id beat the gay outta him if my brother tried to be a faggo

  • 5pla5h

    Lol real g’s move in silence like lasagna, blood is not a gang..You’re not a banger, quit the acting

    • @yungshino

      bruh this SMM blood gang dont try me on my set

      • Splat Nonchalant

        hahahahahahahahahahahahaha son this ni–a got me dying.. (pause. cuz i know he gay)

      • ThaddeusMaximus


      • Tex


    • Young Savvy

      Lol he denyin a real blood and quotes lil wayne. hahahaha

  • 5pla5h

    Ckrab^5 3-11 fleeb^a9

  • jairo

    look i aint trying to know what any man does in privacy, but its kinda awkward being in the public eye, bein so feminine, n calling dudes bae, Its like dude if u gay say it and own that sh–. its 2014 n america is very accepting of other sexualities. i mean aint no need to lie and if u not, say it like u mean it so we can move on from this sh–

  • leecy

    Home gay af I have no problem wit it win they say they r its da dwn low sh– I dnt accept

  • queazy13 .

    Man dat ni–a gay man I aint listen to him nomo yo

  • yoo

    duhh if you call another man my love or babe in spanish well no sh-ts its gay say mi amor te extrano to a man well what does it sound like

    • @yungshino

      no he say love because he a blood one love and he babe is the real name of his brother aka DK

      • islappedya

        U gay for defendin the fag

      • queazy13 .

        Hahaha dat bcuz dat ni–a too bruh hahaha deez fa–ots tryna take ova yo Iaint gonna let ddem brain wash my lil boyz hel naw

      • Vampire

        U fu–in dumb go to LA and say that u be dead I hate fake bangers only real bloods is LA

      • whitegirl2014

        This is a out the dumbest sht I’ve ever ready lmao. Dude has nails done and uggs and is wearing a freaking dress lmao enough said lames over here arguing with his other bf yungshino hahahahahahaha gtfoh

      • Gazzagully thug

        Damn yungshino chill wid this lawyer sh– you defending a f-gg..jus accept ur ex lover is gay…and shut the fu– up bout piru and bloods they all f-ggs

  • Tiffany Washington

    It really dont matter to me .. but ni–a that sh-t he wearing in that photo is screaming bi–h .. I dont wanna hear that got sh– to do wit blood ni—z neither … lmao … ni—z is already rockin spandex now yall fu— wit blouses??? … lmao…

  • 804bornandraised

    that boy gay. if ni—s seen a video of me and another ni— locking arms like we just got married, ni—s would call me gay all day long bcuz im a nobody. ni—s is in denial…


    Young thug is definitely not gay but his boyfriend is!!! lol–Who cares He has some good songs.I don’t want to know what people do in their bedrooms.Create good music,Play great sports and act great in movies.Entertain me!!!!!Keep your personal business to yourself!!!!!!!!

    • The Mza loves the Lza

      I Like that starr loool

  • Yardie

    100% gay. if that is his brother then why the two of them acting so gay. why is he wearing a skirt lol. this ni*** gay straight up homo

    • @yungshino

      bruh i know thug and DK they not gay they just bloods and plus thats not ah skirt you will see what it is when the video with chinx drugz comes out

      • Yardie

        If that is not a dress i must be insane or something. and why are they drinking like they celebrating valentines day or something. If he not gay then WTF act like u are.

      • @yungshino

        because its a blood thing and plus they brothers so

      • me

        That’s Jose guapo

      • @yungshino

        no thats not thats DK young thugs brother

      • SelfCutMorty

        f you and that slob a– n-word.. more fire to you and yo batty boy friend. f-in fan boy,,,

      • Vampire

        No it ain’t u faggot go to LA I dare u with that garbage see wat u gonna look like

      • @yungshino

        SMM bloods my ni##@

      • YoungFlySin

        Son you web bangin?!! Definitelyyyy Gay

      • Mike Scorsese

        The world is bigger than bangin. One day you are going to grow up and realize how childish it is. There is much more this world has to offer, besides death or prison. I hope you make it lil homie. Unfortunatley, I know hundreds who didn’t. And for what? Nothing manly about being dead or locked up and allowing another man to raise your children and f*ck your woman because you wanted to be loyal to your “family”.

      • 1234FIF

        Real spit. Lil dudes out here taking directions from lost fools.

      • LonnyG773

        My dude, I know real bounty-hunter bloods from Nickerson Gardens in Watts as well as bloods in Texas, Ohio, NY and Tulsa, OK…. None of them wear no damn dresses bruh…

      • Splat Nonchalant

        lmao, son said valentines day!

      • hann


      • Vampire

        Stop it none of ya real Blood

      • Son_Of_Dad

        You can make it whatever you want, the boy is a homosexual. First, Lil Wayne makes out with Baby and calls him “Daddy”, you emasculated (look it up on Google) men call it “Gangsta”. Now this fruitcake is running around calling men “Beloved” and “My love”, wearing leopard print tutus and leopard fingernails and you’re calling it “Blood Lingo”.

        GAY. HOMOSEXUAL. FRUITY. POOF. QUEER. He is what he is. Face it and accept it.

      • @yungshino

        bruh how you gone speak on someone you dont know

      • uj


      • Son_Of_Dad

        I don’t give a f— what any of you say, that young man is a closeted homosexual.
        Men who call males “BAE” are gay.

      • @yungshino

        the dude he called babe is DK his brother real name is babe

      • Mia Bradley

        Their mom should be ashamed of herself. lol

      • @yungshino

        yup thanks to that name people think thug gay for showing his brother love

      • itsjustthatreal

        Most blood members now in days are fruit cups anyway man just feeling outside the circle

      • Lee

        So I you want me to believe this is his twin sister now… Is that right…

      • Beverly Durant


      • JKruz

        Lmbo ^^ you are going extra hard for him are you his secret lover??

      • Lattissa Guion

        I don’t think that’s gay to call a person babe i know people nickname babe one is a female and the other is a male. People need to stop acting they do no off the wall sh** so what he put on his girlfriend or sister boots it was cold and he had to step out, so what he wanted a leopard shirt he brought it and didn’t realize that is was a leopard dress until he put it on it was on the wrong rack,so what his lady or sister just found out they could do nails very good and she tried it on him,So what him and his homie wrap arms to drink ya’ll wouldn’t think sh** if ice cube and snoop did it. My opinion about the man being gay i really think so But if he so fu—-g what it’s his life none of ya’ll can judge him and half of you on here are probably in the closet you’re damn self. I bet sometime to day you’re still blast his sh**.
        now if he is riding and su—g Di– it seems to me that’s ya’ll are riding and su—ng his di– if you ask me….GET OFF THIS MAN SHIT AND LET HIM BUILD HIS EMPIRE WITH YA’LL RIDING ON HIS DI– THE WHOLE WAY!!!!!- Ms.Tissa Tiss

      • Dee Tzortzis

        damn disgrace I tell ya

      • Vampire

        U numb skull try goin to LA saying I blood with this fagotty shyt plus ain’t no real bloods outside of LA u fake bangers been doin this since day 1 wtf

      • @yungshino

        bit– this SMM blood sh– ni–a we real street ni–as we fu– with piru my ni–a you aint real

      • Texasshawty

        Thats not true. It was bloods from LA that came to Texas and put these robots down. Thats a fact. They took yall ish on the road! Crips did the same thing. Sorry but you need to do your researh on ur end.


        he said it was an 8 year old girls dress right out his own mouth . Stop tryna take up for this faggotry . Just because their bloods doesn’t mean their straight there’s plenty of gay gangbangers .

      • MyHitta

        you bouta dumb MF in the interview he said he bought it in the ladies section

    • Lakeshia Davis

      Wearing a skirt or dress has nothing to do with being gay. 70% of all crossdressing men prefer women. Even 30% of all post-op MtF transsexuals prefer only women (and another 30% like both), and 10% have no sexual nor romantic attractions and are mostly loners, hermits, and computer geeks (like me).

      Some men are so ignorant. They see what they think is a man (could be a transsexual woman instead who was wrongly born with a penis instead of the vagina they were entitled to have and need surgery to get what they were supposed to be born with), and assume the person is gay. But yet, they are best friends with many gay men they don’t know about, and may even have friends who commit rape or have sex with children. So in the thug male’s mind, rape, gay sex, and pedophilia are okay, but if someone who never has sex and who desires nobody dresses as a woman, then they think such a person deserves acts of violence against them. What’s up with that? It is sex acts that are twisted and deserve punishment, not someone who has a different gender identity, who never has sex nor does anything to affect or harm others. The more aggressive, dominant, street smart, etc., someone is, the less quality of a person they are. I’d rather have a crossdresser as a neighbor than I would a rapist, a transsexual neighbor rather than a sexist macho man, and an openly gay person rather than a bully.

  • @yungshino

    he not gay

    • hann

      AY HI gang!

    • Love murdering gangstaz

      You smashing that ni–a homo hahahaha

    • Ni–a you gay (Riley Voice)

    • Chris Copeland

      bruh bruh you in denial dude str8 dressing up in drag = a fag swag well anybody saying swag is a fag these days same way a nicca pants aint pose to be tight a woman’s gtoh . Real niccas gone extinct and homo thugs and they supporters are taking over. I dont respect no man wearing a dress and you know thats ru paul lil brother

  • @yungshino

    when he says love thats blood lingo

    • mizzledahednizzle

      What? !?

    • Apollo Creed


      • @yungshino

        bruh how you gone tell me ni–a this blood gang SMM bruh

      • Lexballbiiiitch

        u dumb as hell…..we like the ni–a music but he still gay and the way you talking you’ll f— or get f—ed

    • Splat Nonchalant

      hahahah damn this ni–a just confirmed bloods are gay.

    • GDFOLKS74

      yall bloods accept homosexuality fags

    • gnick

      ur a bi**h all these tough guys with there gangs and sh*t. see how you fight alone by yourself like a real man. you probably don’t even know how to work a REAL gun. God black people are so f**king tough with there gangs aren’t they?

    • Chris Copeland

      some gay lingo i know some bloods and they damn sho don’t say that

    • 1234FIF

      Keep that off brand lingo around ATL. B dogs in LA will not tolerate none of that b/s on they set. Real gang members don’t respect him or baby or wayne with all that homo thuggin.

    • 1234FIF

      Stop trolling Gaysta.

  • @yungshino

    uh thats his brother DK in the video quit trying thug because you dont kno thug ni–a he not gay

    • BillZ4rm585

      My ni–a……I know u trully want to believe he aint gay…but the Ni–a is Rocking UGGZ and Painting Leopard print on his nails with Colored tips? HE IS GAY!!!! PERIOD…..I dont discriminate, But I wish He’d stop fronting and Just come out so ni—z could stop playing they damn selves….

      • @yungshino

        bruh how you gone speak on someone you dont know i fear for yall ni–as cause thug a shooter dont let that IG fool you looks can be deceiving

      • FATboy Fame

        He can be a shooter all he want, the ni–a is homo. I don’t know not one real ni–a that act like that. That “it’s blood lingo” sh– is dead cuzzin.

      • drew_Lyricz

        if a ni–a tells you he wears a girls dress smh yall young ni–as these days need all types of guidance and reality checks dont no mf man wear a dam dress

      • BillZ4rm585

        I can’t believe lil niaz like u are going to be the future of our country! Lol this s is crazy! Omar from the wire was a shooter! And one of the hardest niaz out! But the nia was still GAY. It’s funny to me, cuz I never said there was anything bad about him being gay but lil niaz like u insist on saying he straight as if there’s something bad about being gay. He is what he is, but he need to stop fronting cause he got a lot of niaz like YOU thinking it’s ok to wear a dress and wear nail polish and say u straight. ur confused…. And what’s worse is that ur accepting homosexuality tendencies as STRAIGHT BEHAVIOR…nia I got BLOOD and CRIP G’s I know personally that MOST DEFINITELY DONT COSIGN THIS Sh. And that’s why he needs to come out that closet cuz he damaging the minds of the lil homies.

    • Polo_ashley

      u gay bro end of discussion lol get off his dick he gay nd u gay

      • Lenny L Boogie Harris

        And you’re a homophobic asshole who’s prooooobabbly hiding something yourself >_>

      • lord of the fry

        lol dude’s name is ashley callin other dudes gay. that is too funny.

    • Polo_ashley

      u gay point black period bi–h u taking up for him hard so u gone rock painted nails too that sh– feminine u gay too lil ni–a lol u too busy su+-in the skin off ni–a di– look at these pics tho lol

    • dave25

      U a dumbass yungshino if u dnt know he’s gay. ni–a b wearing dresses. n callin his homeboys babes. get off his di–

    • lmaoo

      u sound gay now lol

    • Michael Mic-Flex Dixon

      Is that a purse in the pic, oh she’s holding the camera.

    • quairea

      yes he is gay look at hom