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Young Thug Came Out, First Gay Thug Trap Rapper [VIDEO]


Young Thug Gay

For quite some time now rapper Young Thug has been rumored to be gay and now the big question is did he came out the closet in this video he posted on Instagram.

If Young Thug is not gay then he is kicking down the closet door.

Industry personalities are already saying that the Atlanta rapper could be the first homo thug trap rapper in hip-hop.

Young Thug has also been posting several question pics on Instagram and his fans are raising questions.

Young Thug has two hit singles currently rocking the streets. A single called “Danny Glover,” which Nicki Minaj released a remix for last month, and also a single called “Stoner.”

Young Thug pic

Also check out the video from DJ Akademiks discussing the issue.

Do you think Young Thug is gay?

Leave your comments below.

  • Dreydrey123

    dont think he gay he just tryna keep up wit the times n try to b a a fashion “icon” like asap rocky n lil wayne when he used to dress like that

    • Karen Jones

      Lil wayne kiss mens now if u think he aint gay then u need to talk to somebody who can school u no real n.g.a does that unless he gay he just bi

    • Karen Jones

      Lil wayne kiss mens now if u think he aint gay then u need to talk to somebody who can school u no real n.g.a does that unless he gay he just bi

  • Kane Kando


  • CodeStud3

    Only liberals can say the word homo and not get run out of town.

  • Essence

    I don’t think he’s gay at all. His style just not what you’d normally see rap artist wear

  • Paradym3

    At least he does not front like Drake,Jay-Z and T.I. #FreeGuWop

  • Evelyn

    why is everyone arguin on here? learn how to have a discussion without the name callin and negativity all the time. just try it”

  • Dré

    Smh this discussion board is crazy af! The sad thing is that it’s a lot of closeted rappers, but I guess if they aren’t dressing gay and DL it’s cool, and you still will buy their music. What I don’t understand is that once y’all found out everyone else started noticing he was gay now you want to stop listening to him?!!! He’s gay af there’s no denying that. A lot of dudes that was bumping his music for is only going to stop because of what other mfs are going to say or think about him. Some of y’all need question yourselfs if you making descions based on what the next man thinks of you. I wonder how many dudes would stand in line for Jsonly to impress other dudes if Jordan came out as gay?!! Y’all mfs would be mad af lol…

  • Harlem ThaSnow Malone


  • Lenny L Boogie Harris

    U mad? Stop trying to make gay look bad because you’re homophobic….get a life. In case you haven’t noticed the “lil homies” that are messing up…are the ones busy proving their manhood and how they “bout that life” most of the gays are in college, have jobs, and moving up in the world the legal way

    • BillZ4rm585

      Ok, so obviously what I wrote has completely went over ur head. I said that there’s nothing wrong with being gay, but there is something wrong with staying in the closet when ur a role model and got people following you. Me personally? I think young thug got some hot ass tracks, I FuX with Danny glover STILL to this day. BUT I don’t f with another man calling another man HUBBIE, LOVER, BAE.. it’s a mixed message he’s putting out there . If u gay, say u gay, don’t say it’s BLOOD lingo…..cuz it’s a lie.

      • Lenny L Boogie Harris

        Pfft if “hubby” offends you that much….you need to grow a thicker skin! Wtf does that have to do with you? Get over it! Either you’re a fan or not. Its not a mixed message…..youre listening to his music….not trying to date him, so what’s so damn “confusing”

  • Lenny L Boogie Harris

    You can call it whatever dj is right, Young Thug could seriously make waves and blow up with an even broader fanbase…..haters gone hate…from the sideline looking dumb

  • Cash57

    No words i remember out now get that real music

  • lord of the fry

    not sure you understand that fashion doesn’t make you gay, having sex with men does. he might be a cross-dresser. that’s different than being gay. they’re not mutually inclusive.

  • Raya Wilson-Spears

    Deuteronomy 22:5 The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the most high God. This let you know people aren’t born gay. Being gay is wickedness with in you

    • Karen Jones


    • Karen Jones


  • Aretha

    If He is God bless him and let him live his life. Love is love. Be happy dude.

  • leadie

    Who cares if he’s Gay ?His music is hot eventho I dont know what the Hell he be saying 1/2 the