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Busy Signal issued a stern warning to Mavado in his new single “Real Talk.”

The track was produced by DJ Karim of Stainless Records.


Singer no fi a war Bounty real talk
Him no member when him broke and when him hungry
Real talk
A beg the bills and the fifty
Real talk
Tell him no be a ungrateful pickney
Real talk
Member money cyaa change wi
Real talk
Wi no frighten fi Benz or Bogatti
Real talk
Member this dawg a Killer did start wi
Real talk

Full: Busy Signal – Real Talk Lyrics

Mavado Bounty Killer Busy Signal

Listen to the track below and share your thoughts in comments.

  • Dancehall fan

    Real talk Busy Signal. Mavado a diss Killer but Killer need a real talk to cuz him a trace too much pon Twitter.

  • Kemo

    Busy su– yuh mother weh yuh deh when vado did a defend alliance? Pu— mavado better than everything inna alliance right now

    • madmenace

      Man yuh illiterate bad…smh

      • Kemo

        I’m illiterate? I doubt you even have half of my qualifications or even common sense

      • madmenace

        Awrite educated fool…

      • Kemo

        Anything yuh wah say idiot… Man nuh argue ova internet juss 3 words mi have fi yuh “suck yuh mother”

      • madmenace

        Well, most people suck their mother at birth. Judging by ure response I think u didn’t have that privilege. ..oh well, ure lost because ure mother sucked me… and guess what?…she done a pretty good job at it…dwl…damn dunce!

      • shasyl

        woooiiiiiiieeeeeeee yuh nuh easy eno.

    • Stephen Higgins

      Better than everyone and flop at Sting

    • Burn gaza

      Yute busy did a write up the song dem .

  • haver

    true busy its real talk movado fi know that killa name will always call

  • werlboss_q

    Warlord need fi realize him a god father n accept that role wid grace,member boy Haffi com man n man Haffi come old u can’t expect to be on top forever….singer hav nuff respect fo d general but he still a demand more than what he’s already getting is like him want singer kneel n thank him fo d bust..I don’t think mavado is being ungrateful caz d same thing he did fo gully gully is doin it fo other youths….that alone should mek kills proud n stop demanding respect n craving attention like a lil b–ch……Rodney a Mi artist still tho

    • Smikle

      real talk

  • Smikle

    yow busy right you zeet BUT killa need fi settle him self not because a him put the ute out there that mean him can diss him any and any way respect due both ways

  • Gullyside

    War lord a mi general gully and alliance should be one , movado a gud yute him stay loyal to the bounty and him defend the link wen the world bit@h get him break and switch .

  • madmenace

    Alix, didn’t u learn not to talk with ure mouth full?? Take mafraudo’s dick out ya mouth so we can hear what ya saying clearly…

  • TG

    U all are forgetting Wah really start the fraud between Vado Nd bounty. Is when them kill Vado a Killa party. Nd dat shouldn’t ave gwah cause Vado dem aim fah. Suh stp defend Killa like a nuh him diss Vado first. Vado was always loyal to him, Nxt thing Killa nuh like when nobody weh him buss rise above him in the business. Killa ave badmine inna him.

  • Starboy119

    Battyboy kemo you can se say you dunce nuh pu–hole!!!! Neva bite the hand weh feed you vado a good deejay but him wrong fi a dis the general a the man buss him

    • one done

      U need to understand its a reason why kartel diss killer…. bounty need fi bill and make dem do dem thing pon them own….

      • Bg

        Guh chuck tur yr mother kartel his ungrateful and dis loyal

  • Burn gaza

    Tis song a real talk bounty killer a mi dj him own dancehall bt the singer never really diss him bounty vex over party lol go easy war lord and leave the gully god alone becuz him a good yute

  • shasyl

    Of course them cam branch off but still respect di general……Killa to the world