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The Top 5 Biggest Flops At Sting 2013

1. Macka Diamond

Macka Diamond and Lady Saw clash

Macka Diamond is still wallowing in the blood of defeat from the hands of a fierce Lady Saw at Sting 30.

Been a while we’ve seen so much fierceness in the dancehall queen. Several fans who we spoke to after the show told Urbanislandz.com that they felt sorry for the “Dye Dye” deejay.

Despite the bitter loss, Macka Diamond has since offered up her congratulations to Lady Saw and say she is ready for round two.

Macka leave this one alone, you stand a better chance going up against Spice.

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  • Dancehall fan

    The only thing bad bout Kiprich is him outfit

    • Jah Tbla

      Wah gwaan wit Kippo? He looked lyk a Gorilla

  • Jah Tbla

    Shame on these losers