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Top 10 Reggae/Dancehall Songs Of 2013

5. Lady Saw – Heels On

Lady Saw “Heels On” will go down in dancehall history as a classic. “Heels On” defines the epitome of female dancehall bangers. Although the track was released in 2012, “Heels On” is on almost every dancehall playlist worldwide to date. There is also a remix featuring Miami rapper Flo Rida.

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  • Dancehall fan

    Busy Signal “Bumaye” is the baddest. Nicki Minaj and Mavado is garbage. worse crossover ive ever heard it don’t belong on the list but all the artists are solid dancehall tracks this year. Thumbs up.

  • 13 Youth

    Twin of Twins “up wid the Money” is the biggest thing right now, These top 10 are what the media would like to believe are hot tracks, but do not represent what the streets are listening to

  • Pat McKay

    i respect the attempt.

  • reggae ricky

    unruly rave not on the list? that list is weak

    • reggae ricky

      only chune I agree with is the busy chune