Lady Saw And Flo Rida Gets Close In “Heels On (Remix)” Video Shoot


Lady Saw and Flo Rida

Lady Saw and Flo Rida recently shot the video for their collaboration on “Heels On (Remix).”

The dancehall queen recently flew to Miami to shoot the video with Flo Rida in South Beach.

LISTEN: Lady Saw Ft Flo Rida – Heels On (Remix) [New Music]

The two first met at this year’s Reggae Sumfest where Flo Rida asked Saw to be on the remix for “Heels On.”

Flo Rida and Lady Saw

“Heels On” was one of the biggest dancehall singles of last year and one of Lady Saw’s biggest hits to date.

The official music video for “Heels On (Remix)” will premiere on BET’s 106 & Park in November.

Lady Saw recently announced her retirement from dancehall after


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