Dancehall star Nicky B drop a new single featuring Mavado “Scream For Me,” produced by Vexxx Bad Records and Fedda Weight Production.

Gyal them si mi and get mad
Every gyal a come waan rush off the Gaad
Every gyal a come waan touch off mi abbs
That meck mo buss off a stab
A them si mi and a call mi
And a wine and a call mi
And a ride it swing saw
And a he ahh, he ahh

Gyal you no big like umpty dumpty
Wine and buss the place like a pumpy
Yo tick up and yo pum pum crumpy
Fat or slim gyal mi still a hunt fi
Gyal you know you no favor monkey
And yo pu**y turn him in a drunky
Ride it like swing saw
He ahh, he ahh

Full: Nicky B Ft Mavado – Scream For Me Lyrics

Listen full track below.