Flippa Mafia

Flippa Moggela once again finds himself in legal troubles with the United States government.

The self proclaim dancehall flossing king was picked up by the LAPD for entering the United States illegally.

VIDEO: Flippa And Voicemail – Moggela Dance

Flippa Moggela, whose real name is Andrew Davis, is being held without bond pending a court date later this month.

Flippa Moggela

Last year Flippa Moggela returned to Jamaica after he opted for self-deportation after he was caught trying to enter the United States illegally via a boat.

The 34-year-old dancehall star says he is a United States resident but lost his documents.

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    Who Flippa Liar trying to fool?! If your a resident in America & lost your papers (green card) just simply cal up the department of… & request a new one, everything is on file including your finger print… so u shouldn’t have any problem getting a new one

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