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Vybz Kartel – Hi (High) Lyrics


Mi feel so high, weed meck mi get high
Vodka sky high, China, Shanghai
Hey black girl, hi
Hey white girl, hi
Bleach out girl, hi
How yuh feeling? high
Everybody feel high
Everybody feel high
Like ST.Thomas to di titch field
Like Calabar High..To di Merl Grove
And Water Ford to Comboland

(Verse 1)
Bun a spliff caw mi waan get high
So mi target di moon, but di target high
Smoke up inna di room so wi all get high
If a coke dem a sell mi no bother waan get high
Mi a bleach out mi face meck di color still high
Every ross bun a fire paw mi weh blaze high
Gyal mi a pree so mi c**key rase high
Be a six form girl inna Bridge Port High
Every grom over track inna di stall get high
Gay Nelson a write so mi waan get high
Love how di hots pon di cut board high
Caw di money fi di tole fi go Portmore high
Carry a gyal go a Pegasus top floor high
Every food inna di restaurant it high
Seh shi waan Lobster yo chest too high
Mi a buy too sprat look at it and seh hi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Cris Gayle bat a ball and di ball get high
Mi a tell yo seh a so di crime rate get high
Poverty high, taxes high
Pure likkle youth have gun a wave high
Meck a white girl seh yuh wanna shoot out ma eye
Everybody skull hot, temperature high
Bus fear no high, but it still too high
Mi light cut off, di bill too high
So mi chad inna di hills, da journey yah high
Meck a stop inna Mount Alvernia High
Meck sure yo exam marks dem high
Meck sure yo CSEC pass dem high
Hey Nikki Minaj yo bumpa just high
Bend ova meck di dumper truck high
Si mi pon di road and a talk bout high
Tek hood inna yo belly meck yo bwal out high

(Repeat Chorus)


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    Vybz Kartel – Hi (High) Lyrics

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