Beyonce’s First Boyfriend Lyndall Locke Tell-All


Beyonce and ex boyfriend Lyndall Locke

Beyonce’s first boyfriend while she was a teenager, Lyndall Locke, is speaking out and he is calling himself the dumbest man on planet earth.

Locke, who says he dated Beyonce for 9 years, told the Sun that the former Destiny’s Child star dumped him because he cheated.

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Beyonce grew up in a Christian household who strongly believes there should be no sex before marriage. But Lyndall Locke says he couldn’t wait and cheated.

“Beyonce was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. . . and she’d still be mine if I’d not cheated on her,” Locke told the Sun.

Lyndall Locke now Beyonce ex BF

After Beyonce broke up with Locke, she was rumored to have dated Justin Timberlake, Marquez Houston, Kobe Bryant, Pharrell Williams, and Sean Paul before she met Jay-Z.

Would you have cheated on Beyonce?

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  • Maddflex Antohny Stash

    why not she not all that.

  • Natty Dreads

    u neav should cheat on anyone… he got what he gave :) she was right 2 dump him…sex is only sex!

  • Rudeboy Igm Spartastar

    Hell Yea I Could IF She Ain’t Giving It Up.

  • Angela Ribeiro Sammy


  • Cosmin Ghelase


  • Llowlyn TheLos Smith

    Cheating is almost natural for men, even when we got the most wonderful woman as our spouse/gf/wife. Its not done to hurt you

  • Iran Sharpe

    She should be happy he cheated(look at the bright side)..It’s possibly she might not have reached her status. She should give him a good deposit in the bank account lol. :D

  • Iran Sharpe

    She should be happy he cheated(look at the bright side)..It’s possibly she might not have reached her status.

  • Susanne Brown

    Well you broke up with a guy and reach biggest than him in life they always want to dish out what they done because they are hating.

  • Brian C. Mitchell

    It is what it is! He was young, There certain folks realize until it’s too late, life goes on!

  • Kathy Guise

    They all do.

  • Maurice J Samuels

    Wait are you telling me that Jay-Z WAITED!

  • Carmelo Santiago

    Dam what a hoe all them ni–az and she is a christian yeah rite BIAAAAtCH

  • Suzy Casper Adams

    Christian my arse, they all devil worshiping twats JayZ was banging her before they got married and her ex had a 9yr relationship wiv her and didn’t tap that nah that’s bullshit lol.

  • Khishawn Reid


  • Kizzle

    Hell no!!!!!