Raine Seville


Yea this a Raine Seville
Any man waan come climb this yah good good hill
HAffi cyaa pay my bill hi no
Wah mi seh, yo cyaa waan the nookie an yo naw spend the cookie
Yo mad? This yah gyal yah a no rookie
And mi naw really look no bupsy


But yuh cyaa take off mi secret
An no know how fi maintain it
No way this yah gyal no right so
No way this yah gyal no right so
Bout yuh waan come tickle my pansy
Sweet talk an yo pocket dem empty
No way this yah gyal no right so
No way hot gyal no right so

(Verse 1)

Cause ain’t nothing going on but ma rent
Yes a that mi a defend
So try walk gwaan if yuh a pree different
Caw no lame man cyaa feature mi endz
A yuh seh yo waan this yah Mrs world body
And never pree seh yuh haffi run some money
Yo mad bwoy try take yo eye off a mi
Cyaa touch this unless yo wallet heavy

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)

No money no loving
So no bother wid yo bag a sweet talking now
Yo cyaa tell me nothing
Talk cyaa put food inna kitchen
Hey bout yo waan pop off this
Pop off that
Better make sure seh yo cyaa buy dem back
Caw mi naw run no charity
Yuh haffi pay fi live pon this yah property

(Repeat Chorus 2X)