tommy lee goat head

Dancehall newcomer Tommy Lee may have change his mind and decided to defend himself against an attack from Bounty Killer.

The Sparta deejay drop a new diss titled “Goat Head” aimed squarely at the dancehall legend.

DETAILS: Bounty Killer Iced Clash With Tommy Lee At Sting

“Fool stop pree me, goat head you can’t defeat me, no make me rise it, in a middle day me a wake with di mack 10, them a fi dead anytime when me shot dem,” Tommy Lee deejay over a dancehall beat.

That was not even the beginning of the onslaught, Tommy Lee went in even more on the warlord in the second verse of the single.

“Pu**y juice belly bounty, use your tongue to take off girl panty, the gal them say your mouth smell like condom, a you make the girl them tongue long down, you can’t diss no man on the Sparta, every man on the Sparta a demon… you no name ground god, you a tongue god… you a elder me never want to diss you, but the whole world done know a you diss first … me glad you a no my father, because you would a beat up my mother with hammer,” Tommy Lee continues.

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This new diss track came only a few days after Bounty Killer and Kiprich drop a new single “War Fi God.”

Listen Tommy Lee new track “Goat Head” below.

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