T-Pain Sued Over Cancelled Guyana Concert

T-Pain’s Nappy Boy Touring and Chase Entertainment management/promotion company were hit with a $5 million lawsuit Monday for canceling a concert in Guyana after he allegedly received death threats.

According to reports, promoter Hits and Jams Entertainment claims the producer-rapper caused damages when he pulled out of their Feb. 23 gig.

The lawsuit filed in Florida’s Broward Circuit Court alleges breach of contract, libel and defamation.

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  • Vicojay John

    Hansome guy

  • Akia SmarterEveryday Wells

    smh…i think his life is worth more than a breach!

  • Don Breezy Akwada

    yeah man

  • Jessica Renae

    did he have to pay?

  • Ariel Williams

    that is some crap.

  • Kerven Joseph

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