Nicki Minaj Reveals Lil Wayne Kicked Her Out Young Money [Video]


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With the release of her highly antic­i­pated debut album “Pink Friday” only one week away, Nick Minaj sat down with Billboard Magazine to chronicled her suc­cesses, fail­ures, ups and downs, embar­rass­ments and never before heard details behind the road to becom­ing the bad­dest chick in hip hop.

When Lil Wayne kicked her to the curb:

Minaj cred­its men­tor Lil Wayne for spark­ing that fire in her. After she dropped out of the sec­ond leg of Wayne’s 2009 I Am Music tour, he kicked her out the crew — a turn of events that wasn’t made pub­lic. “I started to record by myself and I lost track of what I was doing and who I wanted to be,” she says. “It wasn’t until I linked back up with Wayne that he gave me this speech. He said, ‘What hap­pened? You were hot,’ and it just hurt me so much. I wanted to prove to him that I was still hot. It hurt my ego so bad that I went back with a vengeance.”

Working for Red Lobster and a mil­lion other places:

“The last job I had was as an office man­ager in a lit­tle, tiny room where I lit­er­ally wanted to stran­gle this guy because he was so loud and obnox­ious,” Minaj recalls. “I would go home with stress pains in my neck and my back. That’s when I went to my mother and said, ‘Look, I’m not going back to work.’ I’d been fired like 15 times because I had a hor­ri­ble atti­tude. I worked at Red Lobster before that and I chased a cus­tomer out of the restau­rant once so I could stick my mid­dle fin­ger up at her and demand that she give me my pen back. I swear to God I was bad.

About stay­ing true to who she is:

“When I started rap­ping, peo­ple were try­ing to make me like the typ­i­cal New York rap­per, but I’m not that,” Minaj says. “No dis­re­spect to New York rap­pers, but I don’t want peo­ple to hear me and know exactly where I’m from. I wanted the album to be uni­ver­sal and ver­sa­tile. It really feels like it speaks for every one of my personalities.”

Nicki makes no apolo­gies for “Roman’s Revenge”:

“‘Roman’s Revenge’ is where I’ve become a dif­fer­ent human being,” Minaj says. “I didn’t give a damn who I offended, whose feel­ings I hurt — this needed to be said, and it cracks me up when I lis­ten to it. I’m a maniac on that track. I knew true hip-hop fans would love this.”

“‘Nicki she just mad ’cause you took the spot,’ word, that bi–h mad cause I took the spot? Well, bi–h, if you ain’t sh-t­ting then get off the pot/Got some nig­gas out in Brooklyn that’ll off your top,” Minaj raps on the track.

Being the very best requires work­ing with the best:

“I push peo­ple around me but I don’t push any­one more than I push myself,” she says. “I tell peo­ple all the time, ‘You want to work for me? You have to give 250,000%,’ because when I’m in the booth, I don’t half-ass it. I demand per­fec­tion from every­one around
Lil Wayne, who was recently released from jail, says he’s “not shocked at all” about Minaj’s suc­cess. “Both Drake and Nicki Minaj are both born stars,” he says. “I am just blessed to have them on the team.”

Peep Nicki Minaj interview with Billboard below

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