Shenseea Says She Was In Labor For 12 Hours, Dancehall Artists Celebrate Mothers

Shenseea son raj
Shenseea and her son Rajeiro Lee

Mother’s Day is a day of love, care, and commemoration for women and their impact on their children and families. As families worldwide celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, several dancehall artists also posted messages celebrating their mothers, wives and the women who birthed and nurtured their children.

This year, many artists, including veterans like Bounty Killer, Shaggy, Sean Paul and others, posted tributes to the women in their families. On Instagram, Bounty Killer shared several posts memorializing his late mother Ivy Williams and the crucial role she played in his life.

“Can’t be a real Alliance unless you hangs out with mama b4 happy heavenly Mothers Day Ms Ivy,” Bounty wrote in a post tagging his longtime friend and collaborator, Busy Signal.

“KaaaBooom! Respect To All Mothers. #mothernature #motherearth #motherland,” Busy Signal added in the comments.

Sean Paul also celebrated his wife Jodi Jinx with whom he shares son Levi and daughter, Remi along with his mother Frances and 99-year-old grandmother.

“Happy mothers day 2 my most beautiful wife @jodijinx an my amazing mom an my grandma who is 100 years old this year!!! An 2 all mothers out there gods highest blessings 2 u all!!! Tnx u 4 all the love u give continuously!!! An all the sacrifices of time u spend an effort u put in. For the valuable life lessons u teach an the morals u instill within,” the artist wrote in all-caps on his account along with a carousel of photos featuring Jodi reading to their children and others with the matriarchs of his family enjoying family time with their children.

He continued, “For the times u lift us up when were down. An help 2 plant our feet on solid ground. Mama earth connection. Female perfection. Bring 4th life with guidance an protection.”

Shaggy also posted a tribute to his wife Rebecca Packer-Burrell and his mother and other mother figures in his life.

“HAPPY MOTHERS DAY !! To these beautiful ladies’ lots of love and thanx for being great moms … #everydayismothersday.”

Beenie Man also posted a tribute to the mothers of his 12 children and his fans who are mothers as he announced his restaurant Simma was open and will be celebrating mothers on Sunday.

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mothers out there! We want to thank you for all that you do and for the love and care you show every day. To celebrate this special day, we invite you to come and indulge in our delicious seafood dishes at SIMMA seafood restaurant. We are open today from 4pm – 12am, Live performance at (7pm – 9pm) by the Beautiful Guitarist & Singer Charmaine Limonius, so gather your loved ones and treat yourselves to a memorable meal. We can’t wait to serve you and make your Mother’s Day even more special. See you soon!” the artist wrote on Sunday.

Meanwhile, others like Spice also celebrated the joy of being a mother with throwback photos of her and her children, Nicholas and Nicholatoy at various stages of their lives as young children to now teenagers and her mother.

“Happy Mother’s Day to All the Mothers. Continue being a Super Hero. Here’s some phone Dump. Nicholas and Nicholatoy you already know how I feel. Happy Mother’s Day Mama Gella I love you endlessly,” she captioned the photos.

Pamputtae also shared that she spent the day giving back to underprivileged and single mothers.

“Happy Mother’s day I watch u fight for ur son always working as a Single Mother Thank u @sunshinesnacksja for your sponsorship,” she captioned a video showing her surprising an emotional fan.

In another post, she wrote, “Pamputtae Single Mother foundation show love and put [a] smile on mother’s face out there big thank to @delectfoods for sponsor this love basket….HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE MOTHER’S OUT THERE.”

Pamputtae was also passionate as she encouraged other women to step up even when their fathers were unwilling.

“Don’t force no man to be no good father, don’t force no man to be a good man, don’t force no man no man to mind pickney, don’t force no man to love you,” she said in the video.

Shenseea also recalled her birthing experience on her Twitter account as she celebrated herself and other women.

“I sat on a hospital bench in labor for 12hrs alone, no bed available, no epidural while I waited to meet my biggest blessing by natural birth. Happy Mother’s Day to me & all the Moms!” Shenseea wrote on Twitter.

D’Angel also celebrated her mother who she credited for being a shining example.

“To a Mother who taught me everything i know and Also taught me how to be a Great Mother Thank You for having me Happy Mother’s Day to the most Beautiful person i know with a wonderful Heart, Soul and Spirit you are the True Definition of “THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD TITLE,” D’Angel said.