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Rick Ross Fires Back At The Game After ‘Freeway’s Revenge’ Diss Song

The Game drops surprised Rick Ross diss song

Rick Ross
Rick Ross

The Game takes his beef with Rick Ross to the next level when he released his diss song, “Freeway’s Revenge.” Rozay is now firing back, but not in the form of a diss song.

The Los Angeles rapper has been trolling the MMG chief for the past week with memes about his weight and sharing some subliminal messages. In one of the messages shared on his Instagram Story, The Game said, “It be the fat ni***s with the skinny legs always running they mouth.”

Perhaps The Game got tired of posting subs and decided to go in the booth to record a song. The former G-Unit rapper took shots at Rozay’s health and called him a fraud in the rap industry. “The real Rick Ross know every bird gotta leave the nest/ You stole your name, I pulled your file/ You looked at B.I.G. and stole his style,” he raps.

The Game then went directly after Rick Ross’ street creds while saying that the “Aston Martin Music” rapper is battling health issues.

“He gon’ tell us he just bought another crib, he livin’ well/ But he won’t tell us about his health condition, he sick as hell/ He poppin’ pills, they startin’ to f*** with his brain/ Seizures off the lean, Balenciaga shorts got the sh*t stains/He’s not a mastermind, he Gotti, line after line,” Game raps.

On Thursday (May 9), The Game also shared a photo on his Instagram Story of a bigger size man who resembles Rick Ross running with a bucket of friend chicken with a cop and KFC restaurant in the backdrop.

Rick Ross has since responded to The Game’s diss song saying that the “Hate It Or Love It” rapper is hungry and needs to beef with him for some attention. Rozay posted a clip of himself seemingly eating cereal out of a Louis Vuitton bowl and utensil. “You ni***s don’t wanna eat my snacks, you ni***s starving,” Rozay said while laughing.

In the meantime, hip hop fans, who are still recovering from the Drake and Kendrick Lamar onslaught last weekend, have reacted to The Game’s diss song with mixed feelings. “We the public don’t accept this beef. We are tired,” one fan declared. Another said, “How yall mad @ Game for jumping in onna 20v1… Rick jumped in Drake bidness now game doin the same with Rick and Rick acting like he wanna take the high road.”