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Ice Spice Calls Nicki Minaj ‘Ungrateful & Delusional’ In Leaked Text Messages

Ice Spice ex-best friend leaked text messages of her bashing Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Ice Spice
Nicki Minaj, Ice Spice

The rift between Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice is about to widen as a woman claiming to be the ex-best friend of the “Munch” rapper exposed text messages of her badmouthing the Trinidadian rapper.

Fans were disappointed that Nicki Minaj did not bring Ice Spice to perform with her on any of the three Gag City stops in New York and it seems that the texts are highlighting Ice Spice’s real feelings about the Queen of rap as being difficult, delusional among other things.

The ex-best friend identified as Storme has been leaking information about Ice Spice including that she cheated on her boyfriend with Drake. “Good morning Barbz. As promised, this is how Isis really feels about your evil queen @NICKIMINAJ. “Ungrateful & Delusional.” Just like y’all. Enjoy!” she wrote on Twitter.

Nothing has prepared Nicki Minaj fans for the sheer level of disloyalty displayed in the texts after Minaj collaborated with Ice Spice on “Princess Diana” giving her one of the biggest songs of her career.

In one screenshot of texts from Saturday, May 20, Ice Spice expresses frustration at doing business with Nicki. “How’d the call end yesterday? on a good note?” Storme asks.

“Open ended again…but then James called me with Nicki’s old manager of 11 years and he said she was being unfair asking for too much which is what everyone been telling me but its hard to negotiate with her bc she doesn’t let ppl talk like lawyers or james etc,” Ice Spice said.

Ice Spice also revealed that at the time that she and Minaj were working on the “Barbie World” Soundtrack which she said, “is an opportunity I brought her.”

“Which is an opportunity I brought her bc Barbie asked me to do it alone but since thats her brand I invited her on & she doesn’t even see that as me bringing her something…” Ice Spice said in another text.

She also compared Nicki Minaj to her mother. “Shes kinda like my mom ungrateful & delusional. I cut her off btw not speaking to her till January,” the texts read.

Ice Spice also spoke about Nicki Minaj wanting to sign her to “Heavy On It Records” which was formed in early 2023 and claimed the artist “gaslights” her into signing to her label despite knowing she was already signed.

“That’s basically what shes saying bc she keeps saying oh when wayne was signing me i didn’t question blah blah but me & her are in different places in our career when that happened
like im already signed so why would i work backwards & nah its just necessary like she gaslights me too much i gotta love her from a distance for my mental health,” the texts read.

In another cluster of tests, Ice Spice also claimed that she felt that Minaj hated that she owned her masters to her music.

“but mind u we wanted to pay nicki. Her artist fee. Yes 100%. I think she’s jealous that I own all my masters cus she said ‘James u think u the man & think u so cool in the interview’. Idk why she mentioned that,” the texts read referencing James Rosemond Jr saying she owned her masters in a Billboard interview.

Ice Spice also agrees with her friend that Minaj was jealous saying, “She’s showing it soo much… like my mom wanting to rap.”

Ice Spice also spoke about why she rejected signing with Minaj.

“It’s that plus she wants publishing from all my songs Including 3rd party writing competitions
so anything i write for other ppl or any songs i get on
mind u i had a taylor swift collab before i had the nicki one..” the texts read.

Nicki Minaj is currently on tour in Canada. She has not reacted to the release of the text messages.