Kraff Arrested and Charged With Disorderly Conduct During Traffic Stop


Upcoming Dancehall artist Kraff Gad was arrested on Wednesday afternoon by police officers of the Half Way Tree police station for disorderly conduct. The dramatic arrest effected by a group of officers showed Kraff, whose real name is Tevin Randall, being hauled away by police after an aggressive reaction to being stopped.

The artist was seen shirtless with one of his shoes off as he tried to speak to officers. One police officer held onto the artist’s hand, and he seemingly resisted the movement and stepped back. A woman who appeared to be in the company of the artist also attempted to step in, but one police officer grabbed onto the young artist’s hands from behind and attempted to restrain him from cuffing him.

The trap-dancehall artist tries to resist the arrest as observers caution him to cooperate with the police. “DJ just relax, mind you get bruk up,” a man is heard telling him. The woman with Kraff Gad is also seen in distress as she shouts, “This is not right”, as Kraff is dragged away in handcuffs.

Urban Islandz’s source confirmed that the artist was arrested and taken to the Half Way Tree police station after the incident. The artist was reportedly stopped for a suspected traffic violation, but the source claims Kraff “became disorderly and uncooperative,” leading to his arrest.

He was processed and released by cops at the Half Way Tree police station. The arrest was effected by Jamaica Constabulary’s Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch members.

Kraff Gad has not publicly reacted to the incident. It’s unclear if he will be attending court over the incident. The young artist, who hails from Western Jamaica, rose to fame with his song “1BuduChop”, released in 2021.

He has been featured on BBC 1Xtra and has performed in several Caribbean countries, including the Cayman Islands, recently and in the United Kingdom.