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Jeezy Denies Jeannie Mai Claims Of Physical Abuse Amid Photo Evidence

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai

Talk show host Jeannie Mai has accused her estranged husband, rapper Jeezy, of physical abuse and child neglect in new filings amid their ongoing divorce.

On Thursday, the Shade Room revealed that the new documents mention for the first time that Jeannie Mai was a victim of domestic abuse in four (4) separate incidents in which the rapper hurt her. One of the incidents mentioned allegedly occurred on April 14, 2022, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Francisco, California, with hotel staff viewing the incident and intervening.

Jeannie claims that Jeezy choked her from behind as she was ascending the stairs before pushing her down the stairs. The hotel security guard stepped in to break up the incident. Jeannie claims that Jeezy also escalated the incident further by going into a verbal tirade, calling her a “fu***ng bi***” and telling her several times, “I can do so much better than you.”

The former The Real host also claims that weeks after she gave birth to their daughter, Monaco, Jeezy again verbally chastised her on January 18, 2022, while they were in Miami in a parked car, calling her, “You wh*re!” and telling her, “I can’t wait to divorce you when we get back.”

Jeezy with his daughter Monaco Jenkins

The driver was told to leave the vehicle before Jeezy went off on his tirade. The woman claims that Jeezy falsely imprisoned her in the car, and when she tried to leave, he struck her with his closed fist, hitting her in the eye and across her cheekbone, causing her subconjunctival bleeding of the eye.

Jeannie Mai also said the incidents were relayed to a therapist the couple was seeing, their pastor and a close friend. She also listed more verbal abuse on December 17, 2022, at the UNCF 39th annual Atlanta Mayor’s Masked Ball, where Jeezy became angry at her after she went to the restroom with a girlfriend for 25 minutes.

According to Jeannie Mai, he demanded they leave the party immediately. Again, while in the car, he asked the driver to step away, and he proceeded to abuse her verbally. When she tried to leave the car, he grabbed her dress around the neckline, causing it to tear and leaving multiple scratches on her right breast.

Jeannie also raised this incident to their therapist in Jeezy’s presence.

Photos show her suffering injuries from a golf cart accident, which she claims Jeezy was drunk and boisterous.

Jeannie Mai / Courtesy of Court of Fulton County

Text messages also showed Jeannie sending him the photos and telling him that she had to wear long dresses to cover the marks. Jeezy also responded, telling her, “I so sorry babe. Haven’t forgiven myself for putting you in danger. I’ve been un easy and sad about it.”

Along with those allegations, Jeannie also claimed that she removed their daughter Monaco Mai Jenkins from the rapper’s home after the baby discovered a duffle bag with an AK-47 rifle in it. The next day, the rifle was left on the ground where the child could have accessed it.

In the meantime, Jeezy also issued a swift denial after reports of the abuse claims circulated. According to the reports, Jeezy claims that the photos submitted by Jeannie were from the Golf Cart incident in which he was also injured. A photo shows his swollen foot and a gash at the top.

Jeezy also claimed that the incident occurred in June 2022, not April, as Jeannie claimed. He has not addressed the hotel incident or other instances of verbal abuse.

A statement also released on his account denied the allegations.

“The allegations are not only false, but also deeply disturbing, especially coming from someone I loved. This malicious attempt to tarnish my character and disrupt my family is ridiculous,” Jeezy wrote.

It continued, “It’s disheartening to witness the manipulation and deceit at play and at this time my main concern is being an active father to our daughter as I continue to fight for court mandated joint custody. Rest assured, the truth will prevail through the proper legal channels.”