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Ari Lennox Goes In On Joe Budden For Injecting Her Into J. Cole Discussion

Ari Lennox shared video of Joe Budden getting jump

Ari Lennox Joe Budden
Ari Lennox, Joe Budden

Singer Ari Lennox is making it clear that she does not want to be named by Joe Budden in any of his online discussions. On Wednesday, she dragged him for always having energy for women but not the same for men.

On Wednesday, Budden had much to say about J. Cole’s apology to Kendrick Lamar over the past weekend. He also went in on Cole’s fans.

“I don’t want to hear about that J. Cole record from nobody again, and boy, you J.Cole fans in that community were hurtful. Boy, y’all were hurtful. I don’t want to hear another peep from earth-stone Twitter,” Budden said.

Joe Budden played Cole’s apology at the Dreamville Festival in North Carolina, Kendrick’s home state. While many have praised Cole for being the bigger person and ending the rap beef after releasing his “7 Minute Drill” diss, others felt that he copped out, especially since he was talking hard on the track.

Budden was among those who disapproved of the rapper apologizing for his tart diss track.

“I can’t listen to anymore,” Budden said. “What happened to the rap game,” one of his co-hosts said.

“The good news is that I’m all for J. Cole’s mental health being well,” Budden said. “I said last part that anybody who wants to bow out of this thing, please feel free to cause this is not for the weakhearted. It comes with a lot more than 1000 phone calls. Like if you not ready to move in a different capacity, speak in a different capacity, like I said earlier- risk some relationships…I know that because I’ve beefed with everybody you not supposed to beef with. I’ve done this with gang members, I’ve done this with the toughest of tough, I’ve done this with burrows.”

Joe Budden also name-dropped Lennox while talking about Cole, referring to her as “depressed” and even compared the Dreamville crowd to her Rod Wave concert appearance that went sideways.

Ari Lennox did not seem amused at Budden dropping her name. On her Instagram account, she posted a video of a man hitting Budden and questioned him for always having all the smoke for women and never for the men attacking him.

The video posted by Lennox over 20 times showed a man hitting Budden from behind as he narrowly escaped a beating from a group of men.

“All this meth smoke for a woman but not for any man beating your a*ss,” she captioned one of the posts. She added in another post, “Knocked your little glasses off and everything. Keep my precious name out of your psychotic, animal abusing, women terrorizing, demonic trolling, nicotine encased mouth. All this meth smoke for a woman but not for any man beating you’re a** in real life. Bald b***h,” Lennox wrote.

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In the meantime, Budden has not reacted to Ari Lennox latest post. However, fans also reacted to Lennox dragging Budden with mixed reactions.

“Baby I woulda shut down my podcast after that nasty read Black women will read you to the GAWDS,” one person wrote. Another chimed in, “Why bring up his addiction. Attack him on merits of behavior, not his disease. Surely, she has someone that she loves battling addiction. Shame.”